Wasn’t it written about women? Czech WikiGap pushes to add world history to women’s section – ena.cz

There are five men in one article in the largest online encyclopedia, Wikipedia. Wikimedia Czech Republic wants to change that. Traditionally, in collaboration with other partners, WikiGap 2022 hosts monthly calls in March. The fourth year begins on March 1 and encourages women to write articles about women.

Thanks to last year’s WikiGap on Wikipedia, 238 articles were created or expanded by 71 participants. Organizers hope to exceed this year’s target. Both experienced writers and new writers can take part. All you have to do is add the hashtag #WikiGap2022 to the field titled Edit Summary.

For those who don’t know how to edit, the association has prepared several free online and offline events to help them out: on March 10, the premiere editing will take place at the American Center in Prague (candidates can also join via Zoom), ten days later the Weekend Editaton goes online. will be done via Zoom, and by the end of March WikiGap will move to the Moravian Regional Library in Brno.

The association also invites other organizations and schools to organize their own events and offers assistants from among its lecturers. More information can be found at This link.

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