We have started a promotional and information campaign in the EU

In the coming week, a letter about Poland’s war defeat will be sent to the most important EU officials; We want to awaken the Brussels political elite that the issue of compensation after the war has never been set against Poland, said deputy head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, government plenipotentiary for reparations Arkadiusz Mularczyk.

Mularczyk emphasized in the press conference that he was very active in carrying out diplomatic and political activities in the international arena in the field of war reparations from Germany. He recalls that he recently held a number of meetings in this regard in Tallinn, Riga, Estonia and Latvia.

More challenges lie ahead. We held several meetings, but also distributed our reports to other international agencies. I would like to remind you that our embassy in Berlin shared a war loss report with a letter from me to all members of the German parliament

Mularczyk noted.

He announced a further initiative consisting of informing the key, from the point of view of public opinion, institutions in Germany.

I want to inform you that on 30 May we started an extensive promotional and information campaign in EU institutions

Mularczyk stressed.

He announced that in the coming week letters on war losses would be sent to the most important EU officials.

The letter will be sent to the President of the European Parliament, Roberta Metsol, President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, President of the European Council, Charles Michel, High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, Josep Borell, as well as the highly respected Polish Commissioner in charge of rule of law and human rights issues, such as European Commission Deputy Chair Vera Jourova and Justice Commissioner Didier Reynders

Mularczyk pointed out.

This is our first stage, which is to inform the most important EU officials about the unresolved issue of Polish war reparations. We want to make the Brussels political elite, the European Commission and the European Parliament aware that the issue of compensation after the war was never set against Poland.

– said the deputy head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

A call for fair debate

As he added, we want “our activities in the international arena, activities in the EU to be the basis for an open and honest international debate, to place this issue of the lack of a just peace after World War II also on the EU agenda.”

We will try to ensure that there is a proper session in the European Parliament as well. We will also present this issue in the relevant committee forums

Mularczyk stressed.

He said that in the coming weeks, war loss reports would be widely distributed to all MPs in the EP.

We want this important international body to be involved in trying to force Germany to dialogue and confront their own difficult and difficult history, which Germany, unfortunately, has not resolved to this day.

added the government plenipotentiary for reparations.

On September 1 last year, a report on the losses suffered by Poland as a result of German aggression and occupation during World War II was presented. On October 3, Foreign Minister Zbigniew Rau signed a diplomatic note to the German side regarding reparations. In it, Poland demands, among other things, compensation for material and intangible losses amounting to PLN 6 billion 220 billion 609 million and compensation.

January 3 of this year the Ministry of Foreign Affairs reported that the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs replied to this note. According to the German government, the issue of reparations and compensation for war losses remains closed, and the German government does not intend to enter into negotiations on this issue.

In April, the government adopted a resolution on the need to regulate in Polish-German relations the issue of reparations, compensation and compensation for losses suffered by Poland and Poland as a result of Germany’s illegal attack on Poland in 1939 and its subsequent German occupation.

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