Weird complaint of Czech tourists: Even entertainment in hotels annoys foreigners abroad

According to holiday experts, Czechs also have complaints about things and situations that travel agents cannot influence. It is said that frequent complaints tickle the stomach of even seasoned customer department employees. And here is the strangest choice.

The sea is too salty or the portions are large in hotel restaurants, which causes the client to gain weight. It is said that tour participants like to complain, often and about everything. That said, this kind of stimulation can not be taken apart with humor.

“Among the complaints that have attracted the most attention this season are, for example, complaints about the excellent entertainment in hotels, or about the fact that English is spoken in foreign destinations,” said CK Blue Style spokeswoman Ilona Topolová.

“In the Maldives, a crab crawls along the beach at night and the client stumbles,” Andrea Řezníčková of Invia expresses another unusual complaint.

And the complaints are widespread. Another case with the Safari circuit. For example, British tourists complain when they go on safari that animals don’t laugh.

“Clients who go on safari are surprised that they have to get up so early and complain that CK did not warn them about it,” adds Jan Papež of the Association of Travel Agents.

Engagement, wedding or divorce – with all this, clients turn to their delegates during the holidays. “For example, the story of a man who returned to the hotel with his local girlfriend after three days of absence and asked for a translation of their love conversation,” Čedok CK delegate Natálie Mikušová told Nova TV with another unusual experience.

Travel agents also meet with so-called “professional claimants” – they document everything from the start of the vacation and evaluate the amounts they can claim with lawyers over the phone. These manners do not belong in tourism, added the Pope.

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