We’ll be dragging the car through the mud at Wednesday’s Motor Show. And let’s try a truck that drives almost alone

You won’t find out what works and what doesn’t. Often, demonstration trips won’t help either. Family crossovers with 4×4 drives are best tested on closed tracks. And also test crossings or axle crossings, which the seller may not allow. That’s why we recommend the modernized Suzuki S-Cross test, which we’re not going to cuddle with!

An important question when buying a new car is: petrol or diesel? Even though plug-in hybrids, for example, are highly publicized, we’ll stick with the classics. That’s why we will choose direct injection turbodiesel for the new generation Kia Sportage model. Would that be a happy choice?

Analysis shows that even more than 500,000 kilometers should not be a big deal for the car. So no need to worry too much about the ten year bazaar with regular service. But he wanted to choose the right parts and motorization. We can already handle this on the examples of the Yeti and Volkswagen Golf Plus koda.

Our trucking specialists have over ten years of experience in trucking with all tractor brands. But what will he say about a tuned Mercedes-Benz Actros, which can be driven almost alone? And if you find it funny that a 40 ton set is run by someone sixty meters old, the laughter will pass you by!

Watch the Motor Show on Wednesday, January 26 at 20:15 WIB at Prima COOL and rerun on Saturday January 29 at 09:05 WIB at Prima. Don’t forget our website www.autosalon.tv, where you’ll find not only bonuses for shows, but also information and footage that doesn’t match the broadcast.

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