What about compensation? Commentator: You have to hit Germany

The President of Law and Justice announced that on September 1 the first part of the report on Poland’s losses during World War II would be published. In turn, a survey of the Social Change studio commissioned by the wPolicyce.pl portal showed that 64 percent. respondents supported the payment of war reparations to Poland by Germany. The sociologist Marek Grabowski explained at the Journalism Salon that the issue of reparations has been raised for several years and that “the public is increasingly convinced” that compensation is a Polish right.


– our poll. Support for WWII reparations increased! More supporters, less opponents

– Breakthrough information! President Kaczyński gave the exact date of publication of the first part of the report on reparations from Germany. “This year”

– Tusk reacts aggressively to repairs? Jarosław Kaczyński: I’m not surprised. There is a saying: God commands, servant must

More and more repairmen

The number of supporters is growing in all voters. Also, supporters of PO and Hołownia more or less say what Deputy Prime Minister Kaczyński said – Germany doesn’t agree with us yet

– emphasizes Grabowski.

We can’t leave it, because Germany has settled accounts with most countries. Let us remember that our situation is due to the fact that our country has been completely destroyed. Warsaw looks worse than Mariupol today. It was a premeditated massacre of the 6 million Poles killed

– reminds sociologists.

Andrzej Rafał Potocki added that “Germany does not want to pay”, but “must be pressured”.

Do it through diplomatic channels, promote your position. The whole battle is in front of us. Reports, papers are just the beginning. It will be a long road, a lot will happen. The whole war is still in front of us

– the reporter pointed out.

German pride

Marek Formela points out that “there is pride in Germany’s record relating to the Second World War.”

Jarosław Kaczyński spoke openly about the adjustment system of Third Reich functionaries to the democratic circulation in Germany. When one looks at the institutions of the German state, at the Court, at the supreme court, at the prosecutor’s office, the number of members of the NSDAP, who silently changed color, freed themselves by changing clothes, was surprising. To this day, strange trials of concentration camp guards are carried out – several dozen years after the crimes were committed. Germany is not completely honest with itself. They no longer talk about honesty with Poland, Formela said.

There is rigor and consistency. This postulate must be constantly formulated, without getting nervous, high-pitched, but without losing heart and saying that it makes no sense.

– added Piotr Semka.


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