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The greatest pride of Puerto Vallarta is among its most hidden paradises, those places of deep charm where few have been able to reach, places of which we have perhaps heard some anecdote and of which only a few have been able to witness its natural beauty. However, no matter how secret they may be, they are always willing to receive anyone who takes one of the flights to Puerto Vallarta, so we have made this list of places to admire and discover another face of this great city.

The Arches of Mismaloya

One of the most beautiful beaches in Puerto Vallarta is home to imposing rock formations where nature reigns. Mismaloya Arches are located south of the port in the heart of Banderas Bay; these colossal marine guards are home to various birds and colorful fish that paint their waters. In the place, you can practice diving, snorkeling and other water sports.

Conchas Chinas Beach

Within the romantic zone of Puerto Vallarta is this beach of blue and white beauty, is divided into two areas for various activities, the first has an extensive territory of clear sand, ideal for walking towards the piles of rocks that form an arc. While the second part is an area of natural pools made of pure rock, where you can rest at leisure and practice snorkeling.

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Vallarta Botanical Garden

This place is an earthly paradise in the middle of the sea, has the oldest gardens in the area, in addition to having trails and bridges that cross this jungle plant. This site is located in the south near Boca de Tomatlan, and you can take some guided tours and various options to relax or taste some of its excellent restaurants.

The Eden


This beautiful place has an exotic nature and unique formations, it is 180 meters above sea level in the great jungle of Sierra Cuale, and it is without a doubt a spectacular adventure site surrounded by trees and an imposing valley. In the place, the Mismaloya River marks the rhythm with its natural waterfalls and emerald currents, and it is also recognized for having been the recording site for the movie The Predator.

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Majahuitas Beach

The greatest treasure of the Bay of Banderas can only be reached by sea; we speak of Majahuitas beach that is located within the romantic area of the port stealing the attention of travelers. Among its many charms has a reef of numerous underwater caves of great variety of animals, and is sheltered, behind them, by the jungle of Tuito, where an infinity of birds make this their home.

The Meetings and The Summers

This ejido of diverse happy rivers is the ideal place for lovers of heart to nature, has a line of zip lines, in addition to various camping sites, and has several viewpoints to unique landscapes, archaeological sites and bridges, where you can see the beauty of this site.

Let yourself be enchanted by the beauty of all these places in your next trip plan when choosing one of the flights to Puerto Vallarta and discover how these corners of the city hide a beauty without equal.



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