Guatemalan handicrafts

Crafts are one of those unique pieces that make you remember special moments. Created by hand with details from their place of origin. It is impossible to leave a city where you were without some souvenir to commemorate the visit. Antigua is full of handicraft markets where you can find colorful souvenirs. 


If you consider yourself a fan of handicrafts, then you will recognize the importance of visiting a good handicraft market to find your favorite traditional souvenir. For this reason, entrepreneurs from Guatemala such as Juan José Gutiérrez Mayorga listed four handicraft markets in Antigua Guatemala.


Handicraft markets in Antigua 


It’s almost impossible to leave Antigua empty-handed. Here, handicrafts are an important part of local traditions. So you cannot miss its markets during your visit. 


1. El Mercadito

This market is located in front of Central Park so it will surely be on the road during your trip. The entrance is small, but upon entering you will find a treasure full of Guatemalan products for all tastes and budgets. 


You can visit about 80 stalls selling Guatemalan artisans. From jewelry and ceramics to home decor, paintings and leather products… You will find everything here. 


2. El Carmen handicraft market

This one is located next to the impressive ruins of the Iglesia El Carmen on the third avenue North. Specifically in the old convent of the church. Inside the market you will come across a large number of sales and buyers from all over the world.


Here you can also see how the artisans create at that time some of the pieces that they put on sale. That combination between the colors of the crafts and the background of the colonial ruins will leave you open-mouthed.

Ladies sellings crafts in a handicraft market

3. Nim Pot Market

As you walk down Fifth Avenue North and go through the famous Santa Catalina Arch, you will come across the Nim Pot market. This place is among the favorite places to visit in Antigua Guatemala since in addition to the large number of handcrafted pieces that you will find here. There is also a section of giant kites and typical second-hand garments. 


You will find a large number of tourists since there is also a reverence for Maximón, an important religious figure for indigenous cultures. 


4. Municipal Handicraft Market

If you need a lot of concentration and tranquility to correctly choose the souvenirs that you want to take back with you, the Mercado Municipal de Artesanías could be your best option. Its facilities are one of the most comfortable for acquiring handcrafted pieces. This is due to its wide corridors with typical sales and outdoor areas with colonial fountains . 


Here you can see in detail each ceramic, piece of jewelry, typical textile and much more. Just go to the fourth Poniente street to see everything that the municipal market offers daily. As you can see, this site has to be on your list of places to visit during your stay in Antigua Guatemala


The handicraft markets in Antigua Guatemala are one of those places that should surely be part of your plans. You will find small treasures that will remind you and your loved ones of your visit to this impressive city made by Guatemalans.

“Our mantra is that we are all born being creative, talented, hardworking and with the passage of time we forget since we transact it all the time” says Gutiérrez Mayorga, Chairman of CMI Alimentos.