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– Today we will witness victory, fighting spirit. This championship once again proves that different countries and nationalities can decide who is strongest in fair play, not playing with fire, on green grass, not red battlefields. This is the dream of many people. The players’ competition made us celebrate peacefully. Every father in the world wants to take his son to a football game, and every mother wants her son to come back from war. Ukraine it seeks peace more than anything else, he says Zelensky in a tape his office sent to American television on Saturday CNN. Decision FIFA the appeal of the Ukrainian president will not be shown before the World Cup final in Qatar.

Zelensky wants to speak before the World Cup final. FIFA refused

Zelensky in the “World Cup” exclamation: There are no champions and there are no draws in war

Zelensky stressed v videosthat Ukraine “propose to the world a truly just peace formula.” We offer it because war no masters. There should be no ties, so I am announcing an initiative to hold a summit this winter that will unite all countries of the world for global peace, he said.

– Stadiums and stands are empty after matches, just like cities are empty after wars. Therefore, war must fail and peace be victorious, as is happening now in Qatar. World Cup, not world war. It is possible, he said President Ukraine and finally appealed: – Please support Ukraine in our efforts to restore peace and become supporters of peace. Let’s witness the end and end of the war together. Glory to Ukraine and happy day to Qatar.

Volodymyr Zelensky’s entire message to fans can be seen below:

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Zelensky’s office: There is nothing political in the president’s call

The office of the President of Ukraine reports to television CNNthat FIFA considered Volodymyr Zelensky’s message too political. He added that on Friday a copy of the text of the speech was sent to FIFA headquarters in Switzerland.

“There is no political element in the president’s appeal which would give a political color to the sporting event, i.e. no subjective judgments, political signals, let alone accusations,” Zelensky’s office said in a message to CNN, adding that “there is still time for FIFA to improve.” the mistake.

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“FIFA need not fear that words of peace will be heard during the celebration of a world football that represents peace,” the statement said.

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