when politics invites itself in Minecraft

Presidential campaign in Minecraft

Attracting young voters, this is what candidate Emmanuel Macron hopes to bring his campaign… in Minecraft. On Twitter it all starts with publishing an IP address that matches the name of the campaign server. Once you arrive, you’ll find NPCs in suits and ties, city settings and French flags everywhere. A poster inviting you to take part in the next meeting welcomes you and a banner with the slogan “with you” reigns in the sky…

Zone, air purifying headphones

Dyson has just introduced a new kind of active noise canceling headphones. Called the Dyson Zone, it has a guard at mouth level that filters air. Whether it’s an air purifier or an audio headset, the Zone will offer quality sound. It took 6 years and more than 500 prototypes for the designer to be able to offer a successful product. According to Dyson, the Zone will provide air that is 99% free of pollution (particles, dust, pollen and bacteria).

Boston Dynamics’ place in the service of the arts

Polish-American painter Agnieszka Pilat has raised more than $250,000 to help Ukrainian refugees. The specialty of his art? He uses the Boston Dynamics Spot robot to design his paintings. If he’s not present in his work, the robot is… behind the brush. He also brings his paintings to life through augmented reality. Artists hope that, in the future, robots can have traces of their robotic ancestors!

RoboBurger, distributor of robot hamburgers

In New Jersey, a machine that distributes and prepares hamburgers has just been installed. Called RoboBurger, it prepares burgers every minute. He not only heats or defrosts his sandwich, but also assembles the ingredients available to him. On average, a RoboBurger takes six minutes to build. In doing so, it cooks your steak, toasts the bread, and adds your pre-selected sauce. In terms of cleanliness and hygiene, the dispenser is equipped with an integrated advanced cleaning system.

Spot becomes the custodian of the Pompeii site

The four-legged Boston Dynamics robot can be a player or a guard. Spot will now guard and monitor the Pompeii site day and night. Thus, he would hunt down the antiquities looters and examine every nook and cranny of the archaeological site. To ensure the safety of this UNESCO World Heritage site, Spot is assisted by the Leica BLK2FLY drone which will scan the ruins in 3D.

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