Wildstein and a warning against the new totalitarianism

Before our eyes, it gave birth to totalitarianism with the ambition to fundamentally reconstruct our reality. Border situations such as war or crisis expose ideological lies. Politics and nationalism returned, illusions of European unity crumbled, and in the heat of war, male virtue pushed gender theory into the dustbin. Bronisław Wildstein has no illusions that the only protection for our liberties is the national community and the state.

The National Publishing Institute recently hosted a real publication festival by Bronisław Wildstein, a well-known writer and publicist. Following the publication of his plays, a collection of early novels and books on philosophy, the time came for a number of philosophical essays and columns. Texts are mostly published in our weekly, with a strong journalistic advantage. At the promotion meeting chaired by Prof. Andrzej Nowak, the hall is packed.

Today, Wildstein is a conservative thinker, consistent over the years, as he exposes left-wing utopia, experimentation, and nihilism. But for some time now, having no illusions about the consequences of liberalism, its successive incarnations destroyed the fabric of Western society along with its inseparably accompanying egalitarianism, the claims of all minorities, and the rights of the individual.

The various incarnations of ideology that plagued Western civilization, which also seek to strike at its foundations and deprive us of it, are called emancipations. It is in practice nihilism, behind which there is nothing nothing. This is what I faced from the very beginning of my public activity

– said Bronisław Wildstein during a meeting at the publishing house

The author points out that the ruling class responsible for the top-down reconstruction of the world and of humanity is the global oligarchy. In a post-political world, it is even more dangerous, because it is hidden, but has the brutal power of persuasion (media corporations), administrative pressure (laws and courts) and economic pressure (big transnational business)..

Today, liberal democracy is created by ideological norms which its priests interpret and oversee on behalf of the ruling oligarchy, leading us to a totalitarian reality. They must acquire all possibilities, i.e. total competence, otherwise their projects will not be implemented

– wrote Bronislaw Wildstein.

In his new book entitled “In the face of war, plague and nothingness” he diagnoses that a new totalitarianism is being born before our eyes with the ambition to fundamentally rebuild our reality through the atomization of human communities. The goal is to tear down all existing social structures and build new ones in their place, in the service of a totalitarian utopia.

Therefore, the nation is the most stable community for us. Freed from them, we become lonely and helpless

said the columnist in the volume’s opening essay.

He acknowledged that since 1992 and the conclusion of the Maastricht Agreement, the process of building a European federalism began, eliminating national differences and state sovereignty. Both the Brussels bureaucracy and the globalists are creating ever more stringent systems of control over all aspects of social life. This type of totalitarianism seeks to liberate people from traditional cultural and family forms, religious communities and nationalities, while at the same time bringing individuals into loneliness and powerlessness in the face of dominant centers of power and capital. Their strength is absolute.

Wildstein shows that communism, the most brutal version of totalitarian utopia, has the ability to homogenize very different societies, living in different cultures and inheriting different historical experiences. This happened in Russia and China; in Cuba and Indochina; in Mongolia, Korea, Ethiopia and all Eastern Bloc countries from Bulgaria to Germany. He pointed out that communism, based on Marx’s philosophy, promised to build the world after rejecting and changing the existing.

That is why, as he stated, he supported an affirmation of reality, an acceptance of man and the world with its imperfections, but also its beauty, inequality and uncertainty. Thus, he protests against the mathematical calculations of the author of “Brave New World”, the dictatorship of world scientific views, which communist politicians seem to ridicule. Following the thinking of Eric Voegelin, Wildstein recognizes that the ideological conglomerate that rules our lives is a new version of gnosis that recognizes the world’s radical evils and struggles with the help of enlightened elites to correct them.

The body of the dominant ideology is currently scattered. Formally, anti-doctrinal thinking, which was supposed to be his method, led to the fact that there is not just one gospel, but a whole library of very similar texts, not a single prophet, but many of them who said the same thing.

the author notes interestingly.

But all is not lost. In “Confronting war, plague and nothingness,” the author admits that, fortunately, a brutal lesson in reality, namely the Ukrainian war, awakened the Western world from childish dreams. The war revises more phenomena, for example by exposing the fiction of European unity, because Berlin’s global ambitions allow Russia to provoke it. At the same time, the coronavirus pandemic has proven that the nation-state is currently the optimal way to organize collective life. It turned out that in a situation of peril, the EU bureaucracy was unable to cope with the challenge, and the self-interests of member states markedly outweighed the continent’s good.

The wars waged by Russia compromised many of the superstitions we hold, such as that wars would not break out, borders were unnecessary, home and family were non-existent, and the courage it took to defend them were patriarchal virtues that should be once recognized. and for all, deleted along with their gender and permanent orientation

– said prof. Andrew Nowak.

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