Will Miloš Zeman seek revenge on the doctors who apparently saved his life? • HONOR

It is a mystery why President Miloš Zeman, through legal representatives, filed a complaint with the Minister of Justice Pavlo Blažek on suspicion of sabotage at the end of June. As we all know, it’s supposed to be done by senators, or doctors, who last year, shortly after the election, when the president needed to act, checked to see if the president’s health condition allowed him to do what the president did. should have done.

Let’s get this straight. According to the lawyers for the constitution, there is no doubt that the senators and doctors, on the other hand, acted entirely in the spirit of the constitution and the spirit of the needs of the state. Doctors later wrote that the president was unable to work and the prognosis for his health was uncertain. That is, it could be worse or better. This second possible option slows down the process of possibly temporarily removing the president from power. Miloš Zeman’s condition has improved and he has returned to the Castle – that is, formally, he is carrying out his duties mainly in Lány.

Prosecutors are now saying that there was “no question of a criminal act of sabotage” and they don’t even need an expert opinion on that, that much is clear. And we come to the second mystery. Why did the president, namely the legal representative of Castle, claim that the medical report on the president’s condition was somehow falsified? Because Zeman’s colleagues claimed it from the start and official spokesperson Jiří Ovčáček said it?

This accusation is shameful. Doctors from the Military Hospital in Střešovice likely saved the president’s life, and if not his life, at least his ability to live and think more or less normally. Prosecutors now, by virtue of the president’s filing, have to review the medical report at the time — though they also likely have no doubt that it is. They only need to verify the claims of the “informer”, namely Castle, as stated officially by the state representative Marek Bodlák.

Behind the mystery of the sabotage criminal complaint, we can look for the infamous presidential revenge. He appears to have been influenced by the actions of Senate President Miloš Vystrčil (Zeman also hated Vystrčil because of his trip to Taiwan, which affected the president’s affection for China). Was it revenge for the actions of the Senate, which often did not go hand in hand with Zeman being an accomplice to Russia? We can say that it is still a kind of “politics”, although political accounts are not settled by fictitious claims.

Why the president or his staff questioned the medical records of an institution that intensively and has been proven to take great care of their health cannot be answered. Was he retaliating because the hospital director provided a medical report, according to the constitution and the law, that did not suit the president’s ability to be truthful? If the president takes revenge for this, it would be too much, despite the fact that we are used to similar actions “off the beaten path” by President Zeman.

And also sabotage or attempted coups, as Zeman said about a meeting of senators six months ago. The only political act in the history of the Czech Republic, which is on the verge of a constitution, and which reeks of a coup, took place in 2013, and the actor was Miloš Zeman. After the fall of the Petr Nečas government, he did not appoint a political government that had the support of a pre-negotiated majority in the lower house, but his official government – bringing us back to the period of Andrej Babiš’s rule and leaning towards the presidency and government power towards Russia and China. Luckily, we did.

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