Will sue the magazine after a mock interview

With Michael Schumacher smiling on the cover, German magazine Die Aktuelle chimed in with the caption “First interview!”. Now the legendary Formula 1 family is planning a lawsuit.

REACT: Michael Schumacher’s wife, Corinna Schumacher, plans a lawsuit after a German magazine published a fake interview with the man. Here the couple is photographed in 2005.

Because the interview was conducted with artificial intelligence technology, it is also called AI AIhttps://www.regjeringen.no/no/dokter/nasjonal-strategi-for-kunstig-intelligens/id2685594/?ch=3.

German weekly magazine Die Aktuelle is selling it as a “world sensation!”

“Sounds so real”, was the title of the magazine.

Michael Schumacher suffered serious injuries following a skiing accident in 2013 and has not appeared since. The family provided little information about the situation of the man who has seven World Championship titles in Formula 1.

The family confirmed to Reuters news agency that they were planning a lawsuit against the German magazine, he wrote, among other things BBC.

– Personal is personal, as he always said. It’s really important to me that she can move on and enjoy her personal life as best she can. Michael always protected us, now we protect Michael, says his wife Corinna Schumacher in the Netflix documentary Drive 2 Survive in 2021.

TITLE NUMBER SIX: Michael Schumacher in 2003, after becoming world champion for the sixth time.

German media pundit Boris Rosenkrantz is particularly distraught in his assessment of German magazines.

– Too stupid to be true, Rosenkrantz wrote in one comments April 17th.

He points out that there are many different issues with this case, and that they may exist on the right side of the law.

– You can hide behind the law, but you can’t hide from this reckoning, to give readers the impression that Michael Schumacher might be talking about the situation, wrote Rosenkrantz.

son Of Schumacher, Mickhas carried on his father’s legacy and has driven Formula 1 for the Haas team, but he was not allowed to continue after last season and is now the reserve driver for Mercedes, which has Lewis Hamilton and George Russell as drivers.

Hamilton shares the world title record with Michael Schumacher, both of whom have seven.

Mick Schumacher’s car split in half after crash at last year’s Monaco Grand Prix:

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