Winter tip from Michal Kollert: Cross-country skiing is great. The main thing is spontaneity!

“I enjoy the fall and winter. I don’t think of these months as some kind of torment. I see it as a spontaneous sports entertainment space. Nothing is structured, nothing is defined,” says Michal Kollert, a former professional.

“If the weather permits, I combine running, mountain biking and walking. In season, of course, I have to incorporate intensity and interval training, but right now it’s mainly about variety and fun,” the fighter who also dominates L’Etape Slovakia gives a simple recipe.

“When it’s fun and I love it, I get up and run. Sometimes I get thirty kilometers from the volley. Throughout the winter, spontaneity dominates. So does all hobby cyclists. I think relaxation is important after the season is over. When training for the top certain, one always works with the word “must”. That’s why it’s great to indulge in mode when you just want to,” advises Michal Kollert, who works as a personal trainer.

“Of course, not everyone is going to run thirty kilometers, but it’s not about volume. Rather, it’s about the individual possibilities. About the taste and the fact that he doesn’t have to adapt. You can run, walk in the mountains… If you go to the races on Saturdays during the season, you’ll barely be jogging on Fridays. But when you have free time outside of the main season, feel free to bounce back and use your free time for a different sport,” advises Michal Kollert. “Once I miss a training session with a client, I put on my sneakers and go for a run. And I don’t care if I have scheduled resistance training with a partner in the saddle for the next day,” she smiles.

If the weather no longer permits outdoor running, cycling, let alone road cycling, Michal Kollert’s choice is obvious. “I often go cross-country skiing in the snow. I’ll go to Jizera or to the Ore Mountains. The stimulation of the circulatory system is amazing on cross-country skiing,” he extols the benefits of training on the white track.

Skialps is definitely a great alternative too. Especially when it comes to resistance training. The slopes are great for the lower legs too. That is, if you don’t drive, but choose an aggressive style,” said Michal Kollert.

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