Within a few hours, everything was different. What we learned about Zeman’s health

President Miloš Zeman’s health reports have been somewhat parsimonious in recent weeks. However, on Friday, the president himself spoke about his health in a few hours, and the medical board also spoke.

While the president said he felt normal, a group of doctors said he was still unable to fully exercise the presidency. Councilman Pavel Pafko then directly stated that the president had chronic liver disease and indirectly confirmed cirrhosis.

President Miloš Zeman spoke Friday morning in an interview on Frekvenci 1. The speech came as a surprise: the castle did not inform him beforehand. The spokesperson published the first report of the interview less than a quarter of an hour before the broadcast itself.

Zeman claimed in an interview that he felt completely normal. “Even if I’m not overwhelmed, so better than usual, imagine I haven’t smoked in a month, for example,” Zeman says.

He admits that his health was not good when he was hospitalized, but instead he eased the problem. He just said that he had anorexia. “My real condition is that I don’t like to eat and can’t digest well. “The steps taken here in the hospital have made me completely normal,” the president added.

He also said that he intended to appoint a new government as soon as possible and that this would not happen in Castle, but in Lány. This indicated that he could soon be discharged from the hospital.

Zeman’s unexpected speech came just less than two hours before the conclusion of the medical board, convened by the director of VN Miroslav Zavoral, published their conclusions.

The council came to a very different conclusion from the one the president presented to them. According to experts, the president’s condition has improved, but he is still unable to function normally. “The president’s conditions do not allow him to devote himself completely to the work of the president,” said Tomáš Zima, a member of the council.

The doctor also said the president’s problem was serious. “The nature and manifestation of the underlying disease is certainly very serious, the specifics of the prognosis will depend on the progression of the disease itself, which is difficult to treat,” the council said in a statement.

The doctor also asked the president to leave the hospital immediately. “That estimate is uncertain and difficult to determine right now,” the board agreed.

Yesterday evening, a member of the council, surgeon Pavel Pafko, told Radiožurnál that the president suffers from “chronic liver disease”. When asked by the moderator that there was speculation about cirrhosis, he said yes. He added that cirrhosis is known to be minimally symptomatic to asymptomatic for many years.

Professional servers iROZHLAS.cz Pafko said the president had a feeding tube in his stomach, called a PEG. “The current president has PEG. It makes perfect sense that an investigation was introduced to him,” Pafko told the server.

“How long he will have a nutritional check will depend on how long the president needs him,” Pafko added, adding that he would care how the president would follow the lifestyle dictated by the doctors at Střešovice Hospital.

Pafko confirmed previous media information. He previously said he had serious liver problems, citing sources close to the president. However, neither the Palace nor the council officially confirmed this information. They do not have the president’s approval to publish information about his diagnosis. Only Pafko did it.

What is certain, however, is that the president has been released in recent days. “During the hospitalization, the president’s health condition improved,” said Zima. While Zeman had to lie in the intensive care unit after entering the hospital, he was moved to a common room on Thursday.

On October 18, the doctor treating Miloš Zeman notified the Senate that he was unable to perform any work activities. By November 5, the council had agreed that the president’s condition had improved so much that he could at least partially do the job.

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