World champion doping-banned

Norah Jeruto (27), world champion in the 3000 meter hurdles, has been banned for doping.

WC GOLD: Norah Jeruto celebrated her WC victory with the Kazakh flag on her shoulder.

Jeruto is running for Kazakhstan, but was born in Kenya.

He is temporarily banned from using illegal substances or methods, reports Athletic Integrity Unit. He was forbidden according to him biological passportbiological passportThe purpose of creating a biological passport (also known as a biological profile) is to indirectly reveal doping through changes in biomarkers..

It is not clear what exactly he is accused of.

Norah Jeruto became a citizen of Kazakhstan in 2017 and in 2022 won the 3000 meter hurdles in WC in a super time of 8.53.02.

He made history by becoming the first to win World Championship gold in athletics for Kazakhstan.

After that he lay on his back and just screamed with joy. She battled hard against Ethiopian runners Werkuha Getachew and Mekides Abebe for gold in Eugene.

He is now at risk of losing gold from WC, reports

Jeruto cannot take part in the 2021 Tokyo Olympics because he is in the process of moving his country from Kenya to Kazakhstan.

In 2019, she won the Bislett Games and set the best year in the world with 9.03.71 on a course where she faced Karoline Bjerkeli Grøvdal, among others.

A biological passport is a collection of individual values ​​that have been measured over time and entered into a database. Passport is interpreted using a computer program that detects whether there are any abnormal variations that indicate the use of illegal substances and/or illegal methods.

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