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“I boiled when I heard about such sensational claims. In the middle of the World Cup, the FIFA pampers wanted us to flaunt our gender. We were told not to shave there for the next few days, and then we had to show our genitals to the national team doctor.”

That’s what Nilla Fischer wrote in the book “Jag sa inte ens halfein”, in Norwegian “I didn’t even say half”.

According to Fischer, the examination was carried out by the national team doctor by knocking on the players’ hotel rooms. The female nurse will then carry out the examination.

LEGEND: Nilla Fischer (left) cheers with her teammates after she scored the winner against the USA in the 2011 World Cup finals.

Photo: Ap

The Swedish national team doctor at the time, Mats Börjesson, confirmed the above story SVT. He said that the check was made at the request of FIFA.

– People can understand that the test was experienced as unpleasant, but there was no malice on the part of the organisers, he said.

based on Aftonbladet The reason for the investigation was because three players from Equatorial Guinea who joined the championship were accused of being men.

– It’s not inside

Eli Landsem, former coach of the Norwegian national team, told NRK that the Norwegian national team does not carry out this gender check.

– I was determined that we didn’t have it, but I remember there was talk about it, he said.

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REACT: Former national team manager for Norway, Eli Landsem, criticized Swedish players for having to undergo gender testing.

Photo: Vidar Ruud/NTB

Landsem reacted to the fact that gender checks were carried out in Sweden:

– It’s not inside. I immediately thought that – it’s not inside. It never occurred to me to do it in the Norwegian national team. That’s unethical to do, in my opinion. So I hope we avoid this in the future.

  • NRK has reached out to the International Football Association (FIFA) for comment. FIFA has yet to respond to NRK’s ​​questions.

– Can’t believe it’s true

Former Norway international Solveig Gulbrandsen described the whole case as “very special”.

– I’m a little wondering what the basis is. “I understand that we have to have some control points in top sport, but I’ve never been involved in this,” he said.

Solveig Gulbrandsen

FORMER NORWEGIAN STAR: Solveig Gulbrandsen.

Photo: Berit Road/NTB

Current national team goalkeeper Cecilie Fiskerstrand was shocked when she read about the 2011 incident.

Sounds like a pretty horrific experience. I can hardly believe it’s true. Sounds terrible. Such a thing must not happen, said the LSK goalkeeper.

Could something like that happen today?

No, that didn’t happen. No one in our national team forces us to do something like that. I feel very confident about that. 2011 was a long time ago, but at the same time not that long ago, he explained.

The women's national team is training

SHOCKED: Norwegian profile Cecilie Fiskerstrand called the whole incident “absurd”.

Photo: Naina Helen Jåma/NTB

Former national team doctor: – Unfortunate and regrettable

The former national team doctor, Terje Halvorsen, also thinks the Norwegian players would have refused to have to go through something similar in 2011.

– I think it’s a pity and regrettable. However, FIFA did not discuss it with us in national team management. If asked, Norwegian girls would probably say it’s impossible for us, Halvorsen told NRK.

What do you think about this gender check?

– I think it’s questionable in general to identify the gender of players. If the background is that someone is cheating and someone is male, the issue should be brought up on the table – before the organizer asks someone to take off his pants, he responds and continues:

– I think, to say the least, worrying. The background may be some suspicions that the state only uses male players or players with increased male hormone production, but openness around such questions is what we need and speak to special associations.

Women's World Cup - Semi Final - Swedish Press Conference

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NFF refused

He added that he doubted any male player would agree to this.

– Then there will be more protests, said Halvorsen.

Both Fischer and Börjesson said the call for the check came from FIFA.

Gro Tvedt Andersen, director of communications and public relations at the Football Association of Norway (NFF), also confirmed that gender checks were not carried out in the Norway squad in 2011 and were all unknown to the NFF.

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