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Not only the medical world was affected by the news of the death of the famous doctor Vladislav Třešek. For more than twenty years, he was head of the Pilsen University Hospital Surgical Clinic. As its head, he built it into a prestigious medical workplace. He received a state award for his life’s work. Třešek is sixty-five years old. The news of his death was brought today by the vascular surgeon from FN Plzeň, Jiří Moláček.

Vladislav Třeška was already interested in medicine in elementary school and attended the medical club. According to him, nothing led him to do this. In short, he wants to know how to help his friends if they accidentally get injured while playing sports. “The group was led by a general practitioner nurse, Ms. Hašková, who drew us into medicine in an interesting way. I am still in awe of her teaching methods. We all had a great time. When I later went to Pilsen to the gymnasium in what used to be Pionýrů Street, I already know that I want treatment,” recalled Třeška in an interview for the January Radniční list.

Třeška is the author of many professional monographs, the number of his domestic and foreign publications is more than 400. He is also a frequent guest of domestic and foreign professional forums, having attended more than 800 forums.

He continued his studies at the Charles University School of Medicine in Pilsen. In 1999, he was appointed professor of surgery. He mainly deals with liver surgery, vascular surgery and transplants. He received the state award for his lifetime work last October. He considers a kidney transplant from a so-called non-beater donor as one of the greatest accomplishments of his career. It was written stream 2002.

“We were the first in the Czech Republic. Since then, we have become one of the leading transplant centers in Europe to use the kidneys of these donors for transplants. The second achievement was in 2011, when, after years of experiments in pigs, we used human stem cells for the first time to stimulate liver growth. Of course, the liver grows, but a certain percentage must remain after surgery. If they are smaller, there is a risk of their failure. Together with doctors from Regensburg, Germany, we are the first in Europe who invented this method,” Třeška said.

The famous surgeon still has big plans. “The young members of my team are in Milan, where there is a leading surgical workplace. They are trained there in robotic surgery. We want to use them in liver surgery from March next year. We will be the first in the Czech Republic,” planned by professor Vladislav Třeška.

Vladislav Třeška is head of the Pilsen University Hospital Surgical Clinic and Transplant Center in Pilsen, deputy dean of the Charles University School of Medicine in Pilsen, chairman of the Czech Transplant Society, first deputy chairman of the Czech Society of Surgery and an important member of many other professional and scientific societies and groups.

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