World history with a dog by his side

Mackenzi Lee has several books and bestsellers, especially for children and teens. In addition, close to historical fiction. Even in World History at 50 dogs, history will play an important role. The author reminds that already in the younger Stone Age, the coexistence of humans and dogs began, which continues to this day.

In chapters devoted to individual dog breeds, he describes in a non-violent way their origins, their breeding in the royal and imperial courts from England to China and in everyday life. It carries stories not only about dog breeds, but also individual dogs as such. From mythical quadrupeds to, for example, the first canine cosmonaut, the female Lajka.

He does not shy away from more serious topics, and is not particularly cheerful, as in the case of dog fights or laboratories. He unmasked the famous naturalist IP Pavlov’s methods and the brutality of vivisection in the service of science.

This audiobook was created by actress Tereza Dočkalová and it must be admitted that it is a good and correct choice. It has been suggested that the author describes the story of fifty dogs in very casual narrative language, if necessary, he reaches for irony, sarcasm and the reader, each listener, not even mentioning the core terms used appropriately. Dočkalová’s lighthearted speech, from which you feel that you have found yourself in the company of a delightful young student who casually tells his friends about his dogs, fits perfectly into all of this.

No wonder you sometimes laugh when you listen to the recording. Apart from the more serious topic already mentioned, History of the World in 50 Dogs, this audiobook is a bit laid back and relaxed, but at the same time it brings a lot of interesting knowledge and facts.

Therefore, it is clear that Lee had to devote a great deal of effort to the preparation, collection and study of material prior to the first edition in the original English in 2019. The efforts have paid off.

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