World wealth: 2,000 billionaires dominate 4.6 billion people

Last year, 2,153 billionaires owned more than 4.6 billion people combined, according to Oxfam. Hence, he asked the government to try to change this. According to the organization, they tax the wealthy and corporations inadequately and give little money for public services.

The report also notes gender inequality. The twenty-two richest men in the world have more wealth than all the women in Africa combined. Women and girls face a disproportionate burden of caring for others and have fewer opportunities to earn a living, according to Oxfam.

“Our disrupted economy is lining the pockets of billionaires and big business at the expense of ordinary men and women,” said Oxfam India Director General Amitabh Behar. “No wonder people are starting to question whether billionaires even exist,” he added.

According to data from the Bloomberg agency, the assets value of the three richest people in the world has risen to 231 billion dollars (5.2 trillion crowns) in the last ten years. The fifth richest person on the planet, Facebook head Mark Zuckerberg, has increased his wealth the most. Last year, he raised another six billion dollars. The highest rating belongs to the director of the internet company Amazon, Jeff Bezos, who has a fortune of 116 billion dollars.

The total wealth of the top 20 billionaires has more than doubled since 2012, from $672 billion to $1.397 trillion, according to Bloomberg. A person who has put away $10,000 every day since the pyramids were built in Egypt would only have one-fifth of the average wealth of the world’s five richest people, Oxfam writes.

The annual statistics used by Oxfam are based on the Global Wealth report by Swiss bank Credit Suisse. The nonprofit itself later stated that its data was not very reliable and might even understate differences in wealth.

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