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The world’s largest rainforest countries team up on rainforests

The world’s largest rainforest countries, Brazil, Indonesia and Congo, will work together to protect rainforests.

Countries should work together for better funding for rainforest conservation. The cooperation was announced last week at the climate summit in Sharm el-Sheikh and was officially adopted on Monday.

– We share a common interest in working together to increase the value of rainforests and ensure that these rainforests continue to benefit the climate and people, says Indonesia.

Rainforests are under great pressure in many areas. October was a record month of deforestation in the Amazon, in which 904 square kilometers were cut or burned. However, Brazil has a president Lula da Silva who has promised to preserve rainforests better than his predecessor Jair Bolsonaro.

Lula is expected to arrive at COP27 on Monday. There, he will talk more about climate in one day than Bolsonaro has done in four years, according to Lula himself.

Congo drew criticism when it auctioned off oil concessions in a vulnerable area in July. By country, the extraction of fossil energy is necessary for economic growth.

Congo’s climate minister Eve Bazaida Mazudi said, however, cooperation with Brazil and Indonesia was important to find a common climate solution.

– Humanity needs rainforests to bind CO2, he said, according to the Indonesian statement. (NTB)

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