Worried about Veronika Žilková’s health. Apparently, a sad Christmas awaits him

Veronika Žilková regularly works out for her fans on Instagram, but now her health has betrayed her. He had to be put on antibiotics, but that didn’t stop him from continuing with his program, even if it put his health at risk. Among other things, he confides in his fans why he is traumatized by Christmas.

Actress Veronika Žilková talks about her illness. “I went to get antibiotics, my ears somehow got better. I had some sort of sinus infection, I took antibiotics, but I couldn’t let the audience down by lying down,” the actress explained, adding that she won. t changed the program due to illness and could not let his fans down, and so he practiced antibiotics.

The worst was on Wednesday. “Luckily my fever went down, I lay down. And I couldn’t even go to the kitchen to make tea. But today, luckily, the antibiotics worked. Because I was sick, I lay in bed and watched all the American Christmas movies,” she explains. on Thursday Žilková’s one-day courier.

Thanks to this, the Christmas mood catches up to her, but she reveals that the holidays are always a bit sad in the Žilky family. “I still have terrible trauma from that Christmas. Maybe because we didn’t celebrate Christmas in my childhood. My father’s brother died on Christmas Day at the age of 16,” the actress mentioned the tragic event.

“I have to say that Christmas is always a little bit in the spirit of that stupid memory. That’s why I don’t like Christmas. I’m not explaining it to anyone. But what’s more, someone has to overcome bad experiences and make Christmas as pleasant as possible, without hysteria.” Žilková is now trying to take it differently.

According to him, decoration is important. “Decorate your flat, make decorations with the kids. My motto for Christmas is: ‘Don’t wash the windows, paint them.’ “Continue in the Christmas spirit from now on. We are already halfway through Advent, what a great end to the year when you do the recap and you should be proud of yourself for what you’ve accomplished these past six months,” concluded the actress. hope he’s cured by then.

He is no longer strong enough for something. Žilková has to make money because of Stropnické. Watch the report from Life in the Stars:

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