You should not fly with this business class airline

Bounce, a baggage search engine, focuses on several factors when evaluating airlines and airports. For food, beverage, service, entertainment and amenities offerings available to business class passengers, but of course also to the seats themselves. The rating is based on reviews from

Egyptair received the lowest rating in this regard, 5.71 points. On average, they earned six points for all factors, only four for the drink offer. Panama’s Copa Airlines got one more point in the overall ranking, which was 6.71. Air China then 7.14 points.

The best airport is Heathrow

On the other hand, Singapore Airlines performed best, winning several times as the world’s best airline. In total, they received 9.57 points in the rating, the Bounce server gave them the highest marks for food, drink, service and entertainment. Qatar Airways and Cathay Pacific came in second and third respectively.

Many European airlines also made it into the rankings, including Turkish Airlines in fourth place with an overall score of 8.86 points. KLM Netherlands shares fifteenth place with Austrian Austrian Airlines – both earning 8.29 points for business class. In the center are Brussels Airlines, Air France, Lufthansa and Finnair.

In terms of airports and business lounges, London’s Heathrow Airport takes first place. Behind it is Tokyo’s Haneda Airport and the third is Changi, Singapore. Airports in Istanbul and Incheon in South Korea received the worst scores.

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