You support the killing of Ukrainian women and children, accuse Zelenskyj Microsoft and other technology companies

“There is no room for half decisions! There is only black and white, good or evil! “Either you are for peace or you support Russian aggressors to kill Ukrainian women and children,” Zelenskyj said on Twitter.

In his contribution, he directly identified the American technology companies Microsoft and Oracle, but also the German software company SAP. “Stop promoting your products in Russia, stop the war,” the Ukrainian president urged the three companies.

Zelenskyj criticized technology companies despite the fact that they have reduced their activities in Russia. SAP and Oracle representatives announced the end of sales in Russia due to the invasion of Ukraine on March 2, Microsoft took minor action at the end of February, sales stopped on March 4.

However, in practice, licenses purchased before the sanctions were imposed are still valid. In other words, most of the products can continue to be used by Russian companies and institutions indefinitely.

Britain is behaving more radically

Microsoft has been criticized in recent weeks for taking little action against Russia. Companies should be able to remotely block all licenses for Windows operating systems or Office suites. And the same goes for pale blue for application packages from SAP and Oracle.

This is exactly how the British company INSYDIUM behaved radically in the immediate aftermath of the Russian invasion, which uncompromisingly blocked all purchased licenses of software for Russian users without prior notice.

Although the company mainly develops tools for graphic professionals, its plugins are also used by some servers in several Russian banks, which is why their software stops working.

“Microsoft has employees around the world, including Ukraine, Russia, and throughout Eastern Europe. Given the recent conflicts, we clearly see the common bond between our employees and the humanitarian spirit that transcends borders. Everyone wants peace,” said the President. Microsoft Brad Smith.

What do the criticized tech companies do?
Fortune-teller is one of the world’s leading companies developing relational databases, database development and management tools, and customer relationship management systems. The products of this company are used by electronics stores, large companies, but also by state agencies, and of course in Russia.
German SAP developing applications and systems for data processing, the products of this software company are used mainly by enterprises.
Microsoft probably best known to users of the three companies. The American software giant is behind the Windows operating system, Office suite, or Xbox game console. But it also has a number of tools and services used by companies and government agencies, such as OneDrive cloud storage.

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