Zelenskiy in the Czech parliament: Russia’s territorial ambitions extend from Warsaw to Sofia

Zelensky called country European Union to implement the seventh package of economic sanctions against Russia, tighten the restrictions imposed so far, and grant it Ukraine EU candidate country status.

When is the KPU’s decision?

European Commission is due to announce the decision at the request of Ukraine this week, then all member states must agree. Candidate status is the first step in a lengthy accession process, Reuters news agency said. Candidate status now Ukraine will prove that European unity is real and that European values ​​really do work, and are not just mentioned in certain documents – rate Zelenskiy.

Ukrainian President He added that the Czechs knew from their own history, including the German occupation during World War II and the decades of Soviet domination after the war, how compromises and concessions to tyranny ended.

A person who wants to take everything will never stop at only part of what he wants – said Zelenski.

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