Zelenskyj after the corruption crackdown: – We will not allow anyone to undermine our country

CASH: Notes equivalent to NOK 1.7 million were found with one of Kyiv’s tax collectors on Wednesday.

Luxury watches, designer clothes, cars and piles of banknotes. The security services of Ukraine are seriously fighting against the country’s “internal enemies”.


Recently, a number of high-ranking Ukrainian leaders have been sacked or left their posts corruption accusations. On Wednesday, the authorities’ “anti-corruption campaign” continued:

The acting head of the Kyiv tax authority was accused of multi-million dollar fraud after a raid on one of his four homes.

The result: discoveries of high-priced jewellery, designer clothes and watches – and piles of banknotes equivalent to 1.7 million Norwegian kroner.

Investigators believe the woman’s lifestyle did not match her income, he wrote Security. In addition, he was accused of abusing his position to reduce certain individual and corporate taxes.

– Any criminal who is brave enough to harm Ukraine, especially in wartime, should be fully aware that we will handcuff him, said the head of Ukraine’s security agency, SBU, Vasyl Maliuk, according to CNN.

Did you get this one? Commentary: In the battle against an internal enemy

WATCH: This watch was found in the home of the acting head of the tax authority in Kyiv.

Billion embezzlement uncovered

On the same day, several bosses at Customs and Excise were also laid off. At the same time, one of the country’s richest men – and a former Zelenskyj ally – had his residence searched on suspicion of customs evasion.

The same thing happened with the former minister of the interior.

According to statements from the security services, embezzlement of more than one billion dollars has also been uncovered at Ukraine’s largest oil and refining companies. The statement was reproduced by the Reuters news agency.

– We will not allow anyone to undermine our country. I thank all the police officers who demonstrated the power of law and the state today, wrote Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyj in his evening message to the people on Wednesday.

– Unfortunately, in some areas, the only way to guarantee legitimacy is to change the leadership in addition to introducing institutional changes. Changes that do what is needed to keep people from getting dirty, the president further wrote.

PRESIDENT: Volodymyr Zelenskyi.

Some were fired last week

Last week, several senior managers were admitted either fired, or resigned from their posts. Among them a number of governors, deputy ministers, and various civil servants. One of them is the deputy chief of staff at the president’s office in Ukraine, Kyrylo Tymoshenko, who in local media has had to endure questions about what they call a “luxurious lifestyle”.

The New York Times called it the biggest change in Ukraine’s leadership since the start of the war.

Two investigations related to war gains have been launched. Case which is being investigated among others regarding allegations of buying military rations and electricity generators at inflated prices, he wrote Political.

The National Assembly also recently tightened regulations on public procurement after Ukrainian media reported that the Ministry of Defense had overpaid for soldiers’ food.

Pile of MONEY: Money found in a treasure chest in Kyiv.

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