Zeman names several presidential candidates clowns

President Miloš Zeman thinks that union leader Josef Středula, Chamber of Commerce president Vladimír Dlouhý and chairman of the ANO movement as well as former prime minister Andrej Babi will also run in the presidential election.

These people, as well as the former chair of the Energy Regulatory Office, Alena Vitásková have a chance to be elected, he said in Terezia Tománková’s Party today on CNN Prima News. Zemans will choose Zeman’s successor in less than a year.

According to Zeman, “several clowns” have entered the presidential competition so far. As he stated, his only sympathy was Vitásková, whom he praised for his actions against the so-called solar barons. “The heavy weights haven’t really registered,” the president said.

Health is slowly improving

President Milos Zeman also announced that his health was improving and said he wanted to travel abroad. “I started walking with a cane and security, stick in my left hand, security holding my right hand. So far, I am afraid that if I go alone, I will fall,” Zeman said.

His health is said to be improving every day, but only slowly. “Above all, I doubt whether I will be able to repeat my sleepy journey through the region. Now the governor of stí nad Labem has invited me,” said President Zeman at Terezia Tománková’s party in Prima.

He also added that he wanted to go abroad, for example to Israel or China. But he wanted to leave it to the doctor.

“Above all, I want to go and say goodbye to two countries, Israel and China. To Israel because it’s the country of my heart, and to China because it’s currently the most important power in the world, measured by economic performance,” Zeman said. currently banned by doctors due to health problems.

The president did not share fears about possible Russian aggression against Ukraine. He said he still views the current tension as a war of words on both sides, and he hopes it will remain so. He said Russia was “not crazy” and that an attack on Ukraine would mean a net gain for them simply because they gave Ukraine some kind of warning, a military warning, but a much bigger loss in the form of sanctions.

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