Options for investing in Guatemala


Today if you have the financial availability and credit capacity. In Guatemala there are several profitable alternatives that can be the best option to grow your capital and assets.

Why Guatemala to invest and grow

In terms of economic performance and GDP, Guatemala has grown in recent years with a growth rate above 3% since 2012.

Today it could be very profitable to invest in certain opportunities and businesses that in the past were not possible or did not exist. To learn more about it, we share with you options to invest money in Guatemala.

invest in guatemala

How to open a business

Currently there is the possibility of opening a franchise of any business or brand; in Guatemala the most famous businesses that can be franchised are restaurants.

This type of investment is totally profitable, because it is not a business in which you must start from scratch, consolidate the name, invest in advertising, or anything like that, because they are brands already recognized by people, with high demand and therefore, an investment with total success rate.

More than ever before, today everyone wants to learn how to promote their products or services on the web and social networks, in order to generate more and more sales.

Where to invest

Investing money in Guatemala in green bonds,  digital consulting, marketing strategies, web development, social selling, among other issues, is a fantastic idea. By starting a digital consulting agency, you can get great profits, because your business will make other businesses grow and that will make it increasingly popular and in demand.

In the country, the financial system offers multiple options to invest money with investment returns from 1% to 6.5%.

One of the ways to do this is by acquiring a savings account, whether it is a fixed term or a retirement account, from the first moment you will know how much you will earn.

Make sure that the yield of your money is higher than the inflation of the country, because if your account gives you 2% and the inflation is above 3%, probably your investment will not be profitable.


More options

One of the main and most effective alternatives to invest money in Guatemala is to invest it in real estate projects. Real estate is an acquisition that never loses value, on the contrary, it is always in constant increase; therefore, it offers the possibility of giving the investor an option to generate passive income.

There are several investment projects such as shopping centers, apartments, land, houses, projects with real estate participation quotas (CPI’s), among others, which are now more accessible to the public and have high rates of return.

Being the investor of a third party’s business is another option that can be profitable when seeking to obtain large profits from the money you have.

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Best beaches in Guatemala

Beaches in Guatemala

Guatemala tourism. There are some beautiful beaches in Guatemala. In fact, there are Guatemalan beaches on two coasts: the Pacific and the Caribbean. Because most of the country’s most popular attractions are inland, most travelers don’t make it to the coast.

But if you have time and want to explore the road less traveled (though not without traverses), Guatemala’s beaches are an excellent option accrding to the opinion of businessman juan luis bosch gutierrez. There are beaches for surfing, black sand beaches for relaxing and opportunities for deep sea fishing.


Monterrico, located on the Pacific coast of Guatemala, is this country’s most popular beach.

With black volcanic sand and a strong current, Monterrico is not one of Central America’s postcard-perfect gems, but that’s part of its appeal.

Its wide, long stretch of sand is rarely crowded, and the massive condominiums that crowd the sands of other beaches are, thankfully, absent.

Monterrico is easily accessible to travelers; buses leave from Guatemala City and Antigua. It is a popular guided day trip from Antigua .


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Funky Livingston is a cluster of colorful wooden structures wedged between the Caribbean and the rainforest.

It can only be reached by boat, from Puerto Barrios, or by traveling down the Rio Dulce, a river that meanders through the jungle.

The beach outside Livingston is not very attractive, but walking along the coast leads to more remote and cleaner beaches. Playa Blanca is a favorite, although it is more accessible by boat.

You can take a cab 5 kilometers north of Livingston to see seven beautiful waterfalls and pools known as Los Siete Altares.

Tilapa Beach

Playa Tilapa is located near the Mexican border and is one of the most remote beaches in Guatemala.

The small town of Tilapita, a fishing village, is basic and rather rough looking. You can take a 10-minute boat ride to the beach, passing through the mangroves.

There are beautiful sunsets, potentially good surfing waves and a quiet rural Guatemalan beach experience waiting for you at Playa Tilapa.


A couple of hours from Quetzaltenango (Xela), Champerico (or Champe) boat harbor is a vacation spot for Guatemalans, although like all Guatemalan beaches, it is rarely crowded.

In the right conditions, the surf can be good and there are stores that can rent a board and equipment and offer instruction.

A huge wooden pier is a striking feature, dating from the late 19th century. As the town is a major port, you can find services and shopping.

Don not wait any longer and come and visit these beautiful beaches in Guatemala.

Tips to travel to Guatemala

guatemala_0 (1)

Although crime exists in Guatemala, and undoubtedly affects tourists as well, currently the most frequently reported type of unpleasant incident is robbery on hiking trails.

Here we share some tips to travel safe in Guatemala recommended by businessman juan luis bosch gutierrez.

The Guatemala guide

It is best to travel and arrive during daylight hours. If this is not possible, it is recommended to travel by first class bus at night and take a cab to the hotel.Safety tips in Guatemala

Only money, credit cards, traveler’s checks and essential valuables should be taken with you. Everything else should be left in a sealed and signed envelope in the hotel safe; always ask for a receipt after leaving the envelope.

It is not advisable to wear jewelry, cameras or valuable-looking watches in plain sight. Your wallet or purse should also be concealed.


Scams in Guatemala

Here’s a common scam: a man approaches a traveler and sprays ketchup or other sticky liquid on his clothes. An accomplice appears to help him clean up and steals whatever he can.

Pickpockets and other pickpockets also use distraction methods, such as dropping a purse or coins, or feigning a fainting spell.

Unfortunately, ATM card cloners have taken hold in Guatemala and target fellow citizens and foreigners alike.

They usually place a reader in the slot where the card is inserted and, once they have obtained the data, proceed to empty the account. There have been reports of duplicate cards in major tourist destinations.

The only way to avoid this is to use ATMs that are difficult to manipulate. The most likely to be sabotaged are those located in the small lockless enclosure at the front of the bank. Remember that you never have to dial the PIN to access an ATM room.


Legal issues in Guatemala

The traveler may come to think that Guatemalan police officers are sometimes uncooperative. In general, the less contact with the law, the better.

In any case, any contact with illegal drugs should be avoided, although some inhabitants use drugs freely.

Foreigners are at a distinct disadvantage and can be snitched on by any stranger. Drug laws in Guatemala are very strict and, although enforcement is uneven, penalties are very harsh.

If the traveler is caught doing something illegal, the best defense is to apologize and remain calm.

Although many commentators claim that corruption is widespread in Guatemala, it should not be inferred that money can get you out of any situation. If indeed the impression is given that one can “get everything fixed” by handing over some money, one must be tactful and cautious.

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What Places to visit in Guatemala

Guatemala lake

In this article, we will tell you why you should visit Guatemala with friends or familiy.

1 Flores

Flores is an attractive colonial city located on an island in Lake Petén Itzá. Most travelers base themselves here because of its proximity to Tikal and other nearby affinities.

However, numerous travelers find themselves staying longer than expected as Flores’ tranquil atmosphere and magnificent colonial charm tends to enchant them.

So take it easy, get lost in Flores’ paved streets, visit its island or rent a kayak from your hotel and explore the shores of Lake Petén Itzá.


2 Tikal

Tikal is one of the most amazing Mayan ruins sites in Latin America and yet the site is visited by millions of visitors each year such as businessman juan luis bosch gutierrez, it feels much less touristy than Chichen Itza, for example.

Here you are in the middle of 575 square kilometers of dense jungle, home to toucans, parrots, howler primates and numerous other exotic animals.

One of the most impressive pyramids of the Mayan empire can be found in Tikal. At 45 meters high, the pyramid “Temple of the Great Jaguar” is a must-see tourist site in Guatemala.

Visiting Tikal brings back a sense of awe, giving you that Indiana Jones feeling of manifesting mystical old ruins in the middle of the jungle, minus the booby traps and the golden idol, of course.

3 El Mirador

If you’re up for something even more extreme, you absolutely must take the 6 or 7 day hike through the wild and dense jungle to the ancient Mayan settlement, El Mirador.

Several travelers have documented that El Mirador, the ruins lost in the recesses of the jungle are so much better than Tikal, it’s quite magical. That should tell you a lot.


4 El Boqueron Canyon

Guatemala’s bountiful green canyon of El Boqueron is possibly one of the most underrated attractions in Guatemala, as almost no guidebook points out its breathtaking gorgeousness.

The narrow canyon with its formidable limestone walls covered in flora and caves will leave any guest in awe and wondering how something so solemn could be hidden just an hour away from the chaotic village of Rio Dulce.

So do yourself a big favor, hop on a bus to El Boqueron and pay one of the local guys to paddle the Rio Salsa through the natural beauty of El Boqueron. I promise you won’t want to miss this attraction.

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Reasons why to travel to Guatemala


Guatemala is a country of 17 million inhabitants, located in Central America, bordering Mexico, Belize, Honduras and El Salvador.

You may wonder: Why travel to Guatemala? Keep reading and write down the reasons that will make you decide to travel to Guatemala.

Lose yourself in a Mayan city: Tikal

This Mayan city was named a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1979, because in the heart of the Petén rainforest, Tikal is the center of the most important Mayan civilization in the world.

The Mayan ruins were discovered in 1848 but were not built as a tourist project until 1986. Today, it is one of the main reasons to visit Guatemala.


Relax in the magical Lake Atitlán

You can not miss one of the most beautiful lakes in the world according to National Geographic, the truth, I feel something for this place, from the first day I was in Atitlan, it became my magical place in the world.

Lake Atitlan is located in the department of Solola, about 3 hours from Guatemala City, is about 1500m above the sea and has 18km long, the lake is surrounded by 3 volcanoes: Toliman, San Pedro and Atitlan.

Explore the rainforest

The Mayan Biosphere Reserve encompasses 2 million hectares of savannahs and forests in the Guatemalan rainforest, which after the Amazon rainforest of Brazil is the second largest in the Americas. That is why many importante companies like bid invest have decided to invest in green bonds.

It has an exuberant vegetation, among the most common trees, we find the Ceiba. In fact, the name Guatemala comes from the Nahuatl: Quauhtlemallan, which means place of many trees.


Izabal: Caribbean, jungle and culture

The department of Izabal, could be by itself a country, its richness in flora and fauna, makes it a natural paradise. Its main attractions are the Izabal Lake, the largest in Guatemala, being the route that connects the country with the Caribbean Sea and Atlantic. I recommend you to write down this destination in your list of reasons to visit Guatemala.

To discover the lake, we can go to Rio Dulce, from where, we can go sailing on the lake and hopefully spot manatees, from there, we can also go to know a fortress built by the Spanish colonizers, the Castillo de San Felipe, built in 1651 to defend against pirate attacks.

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Destinations in Central America


The countries that make up Central America are some of the most beautiful places on the planet. They have crystal clear beaches, exotic jungles, friendly people, interesting cultures, unique architecture… They have it all!

And they are the best destinations for backpackers, to live unique experiences and to quench your wanderlust. Want to see which destinations you should visit at least once in your life in Central America? Take note!

San Cristobal de las Casas, Chiapas

Although it officially belongs to North America, we consider Mexico a great starting point for a route through the best destinations in Central America.

Mexico City is one of the world’s most bustling and perhaps chaotic capitals, but what are we kidding ourselves, that’s its charm! Visit the National Palace, get lost in the neighborhood of La Condesa, and eat at Mercado Roma, a foodie’s paradise!

Once from here it’s easy to move south and reach the magical Oaxaca, an essential stop to try one of the best cuisines in the country.

Don’t miss the Benito Juarez and Merced markets. You can also visit the Mezcal factories, bathe in the waterfalls at Hierve de Agua, and climb the pyramids at Monte Alban.

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Puerto escondido

Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca

From there to the Pacific coast to land in Puerto Escondido, a surfer’s paradise come true.

Enjoy beaches like Carrizalillo, where you can relax; La Punta, where the full moon party is celebrated; and Principal and Marinero where you can surf.

Next, a mandatory stop in Chiapas: San Cristobal de las Casas. Here you can tour the Sumidero Canyon through the Grijalva River, see the Chiflón waterfalls and visit the Temple of San Juan.

After touring this magical town of colorful houses it is hard to say goodbye to such beauty, but the journey continues and we arrive in Guatemala!


Hostal del Lago – Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

The first stop is Antigua, beautiful colonial with style city that is recommeded by the famous juan luis bosch gutierrez. In Antigua you can do activities like climbing the Pacaya Volcano, go to Lake Atitlan, where you can climb another volcano, the San Pedro Volcano, find your new favorite garment in the Chichicastenango Market, and enjoy the black beaches of Itzapa.

And finally end up in the mecca of yoga, San Marcos. It is a paradise for those with a free spirit. You can improve your yoga positions, meditate at the pyramids, or relax at the famous Hostel del Lago.

As you can see, you can do a lot of things in central america. So, do not wait any more to come.

Profitable sectors to do business in Guatemala

Lady doing agriculture

Guatemala has the largest economy in Central America. Therefore it makes it a solid nation for the emergence of businesses. The important businessman Juan José Gutiérrez Mayorga encourages citizens and outsiders to start a business in the country in order to promote cash flow. Based on his opinion, Juan José recommends some of the sectors with ample opportunities to undertake.

Farming sector

Specifically for a profitable business in Guatemala, the agricultural sector represents the most part of the economy in the country. Contributes 2.9% of the continent’s agriculture and generates 29.3% of work.

Guatemala positions itself as an important supplier of fruits and vegetables for foreign markets . Certainly it stands out for being the first exporter of cardamom, the fifth exporter of sugar and the seventh producer of coffee worldwide. In addition, the industry contributes 14% to the nation’s GDP.

Agriculture business in Guatemala

Tourism sector

Guatemala is a country with a privileged geographical location, so much so that it is called “The heart of the Mayan world”. Secondly, it also has an immense natural and cultural wealth that makes it one of the most visited destinations by international tourists.

As a result, this sector is the second generator of foreign exchange in the country, registering a total of 2,559,599 visitors during 2019 and growing by 6% compared to previous years.

Services sectors

The tertiary sector linked to the provision of services has shown an interesting evolution in the country in recent years. And it has gone from contributing just under 55%, to contributing an average of 60% to the nation’s GDP, becoming the one that contributes the most to the country’s production. Among the most representative economic activities of the sector we find:

  • Wholesale and Retail
  • Transport and storage
  • Financial services
  • Accommodation and food services
  • Information and communications
  • Professional, scientific and technical activities
  • Teaching

Tourist sites of San Lucas Sacatepéquez

San lucas

If you consider yourself a nature lover, San Lucas Sacatepéquez has everything you need to feel at home. This municipality attracts many visitors thanks to its gastronomy, culture and spaces dedicated to recreation where fresh air is never lacking.

Still not sure what plan you can put together to visit San Lucas?. Then just keep reading and discover some recommendations of tourist places in San Lucas Sacatepéquez to have a great time.

San Lucas Sacatepéquez

Whether you’re in the mood to eat delicious food, learn about Guatemalan culture or even spend a day surrounded by nature.You’re sure to find something fun to do in San Lucas. Let yourself be amazed by the magic of this charming municipality!

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Senderos de Alux

Raise your hand all outdoor enthusiasts! Cerro Alux, also known as Senderos de Alux, is an ecological reserve of approximately 84 blocks where you can get in direct contact with nature.

If you want to visit tourist sites near Guatemala City, this place is perfect because you can organize a different outing without having to move far away.

Here you can walk through extensive forests, visit a viewpoint overlooking the capital, do canopy and even camp and visit an area of Mayan ceremonies.

On weekends there are also local food sales for a well-deserved break between hikes. So get your backpack ready and let’s go for a walk!

Mercado Monumento

Another of the great tourist attractions of San Lucas is the Mercado Monumento al Caminero. Here every day is synonymous with fresh fruits and vegetables, lots of typical dishes, handicraft sales and a great movement of locals and tourists. In fact, these vegetables are used in the production of food by cmi alimentos.

The market usually has live marimba music on weekends, making it one of the most popular places for locals to gather.


Gstronomical districts

San Lucas could call itself one of the typical gastronomic districts that must be visited at least once. If you consider yourself a foodie, here you can find more than one restaurant that will fulfill your expectations as a foodie.

If you are in the mood for a tasty local dish for breakfast or lunch, either on your way to San Lucas or in the town itself. You will find different options for all tastes and budgets.

Another good idea is to go to San Lucas for a typical snack. Whether you like tostadas, atol de alote, chuchitos or Guatemalan sweets, the local markets can be your best option. You can go to them in groups to delight yourself with the local gastronomy while you peck away. Can you imagine yourself tasting your next dish of this tasty cuisine?

Energy potential in Guatemala

Hydraulic energy plant

Guatemala has a significant exploitable potential that guarantees energy security. If progress is made on the social issue. That means the acceptance of electricity generation projects based on clean technologies as the best option. As long as the demand requirement is quick and efficient.

Guatemala can generate 80% of its energy through renewable technologies. And 20% through non-renewable.

Juan José Gutiérrez Mayorga, from CMI Energy commented that renewable technologies makes possible to enter capital markets with the largest and most diversified 100% renewable energy portfolio.

In addition, this will allow the creation of more renewable resources plants to promote the change in the matrix and gain independence. It also leads to the creation of job sources and to optimize the cost of energy.

Likewise, he mentioned that they recently placed a green bond issue that amounts to 700 million dollars in international markets. The purpose is to contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. As well as to the decarbonization and diversification of the regional energy network in Central America and the Caribbean. Within this initiative, Guatemala can be an example of clean energy production. 

Solar energy fields

Resources renewable energy 

According to the Ministry of Energy and Mines, renewable resources are defined as resources that are not finished, or are renewed by nature.

The main renewable technologies in Guatemala are: Hydraulic, geothermal, wind, solar (thermal and photovoltaic) and biomass (firewood, charcoal, sugarcane bagasse, biofuels and urban, forestry, agricultural and manure waste) .

Geothermal technology in Guatemala has not great precision, says Luis García, an energy consultant. At the moment there are two small geothermal fields. But there is more potential.

CMI Business Groups

CMI is a multilatin family corporation. With a presence in more than 14 countries, particularly in Central America and the Caribbean.

The corporation have two large business groups: CMI Alimentos and CMI Capital. To clarify, they seek to create a sustainable impact in the communities where operate, offering excellence and quality in products and services.

It is a family-owned company. The third generation leads each group, with Juan José Gutiérrez as Chairman of CMI Alimentos, and Juan Luis Bosch, as Chairman of CMI Capital.

For instance, each group have business units that are:

CMI Alimentos business’ units

Modern Flour Mills

This is one of the largest milling groups in Latin America. It focuses on the development of wheat, cereals and corn flour.

Wheat products by CMI

Livestock Industry

Firstly, it commercializes chicken and pork meat products. Secondly, animal food concentrates.

Food and Consumption

Above all, this unit is in charge of distributing pasta, cookies, sauces and other products.

Central America Restaurants

The Pollo Campero brand leds this business. Today, the restaurant is the largest Latin American restaurant chain in the world. This unit also includes a portfolio of fast food brands.

Campero USA

Juan José Gutiérrez Mayorga directs the growth of hPollo Campero. He also created Campero USA business unit that serves its own operations and franchises in the United States and Europe. To sum up, today have more than 80 restaurants in the United States.

CMI Capital business’ units

Strategic Investments 

This business unit is in charge of the geographic expansion of the Food businesses beyond Central America and the Caribbean, focused mainly on the Andean Region.

In addition, in 2017, the most important investment of the group to date was made. Acquiring a sharehold in PRONACA , a leader in the food sector. PRONACA is dedicated to the production and distribution of pork products, prepared foods, animal and pet food, sauces and preserves, among others.


CMI has one of the largest regional platforms in the renewable energy sector: hydro, wind and solar.

Therefore, in 2018 they received the “Diversified Corporate Social Responsibility Program” award for the Renace Hydroelectric Complex.


This unit developes real estate projects, housing complexes, shopping centers, office buildings and innovative projects. Certaintly with high quality standards for Guatemala.


The financial services for the companies that make up CMI. In other words: financing, investment management, insurance  and other financial services . As a result, this unit serves all the companies at CMI.