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China will take over the US economy in 2035

Already around 2035, China is expected to overtake the United States, and India has a chance to catch up with the American economy by 2075. Countries like Nigeria, Pakistan and Egypt could become the world’s largest economies, say economists from

Deposit – Anonymous Politician blog

The Second Polish Republic’s legal continuity depository is kept in the dungeons; what fate awaits their mistresses? Digitization. The deposits of the Second Polish Republic will not leave archives, its symbols will be purged at anniversary events and reconstruction group

Macron gave the Pope a book from Lviv

The French president’s sensitivity to plundered art is undeniable, as he returns works taken from Africa. So where did this Lviv come from? It is possible that the rare 1796 edition of Immanuel Kant’s Project of Perpetual Peace (a work