While working in the forest, woodcutter Komárek, a champion in the sport of timber, dies

Tragic news came from southern Bohemia on Thursday. Woodcutter Martin Komárek died near Milevsko. The successful representative in woodsport is only 45 years old.

Over the years, Komárek has represented the Czech Republic in the sport of lumbering (the sport of woodcutters) at the world level. He won the European Championship several times and was also the deputy world champion. He set several European and world records and also entered the Guinness Book of Records.

In Milevsko in 2009, he also opened the first shop specializing in wooden sports equipment in Europe. As part of woodsport, he also trains and gives excitement to the public at various exhibitions.

That's childish, says the deputy world champion among loggers Komárek

That’s childish, says the deputy world champion among loggers Komárek

His life died during logging work near Milevsko. “We all love Martin so much. It’s terrible what happened. He’s a man who really did something, a great businessman and above all a great man, father, husband, friend. He respects his territory.” say for Písek .’s diary Milevska Mayor Ivan Radosta.

Some time ago, Víkend magazine was also devoted to Timbersport, in his report Martin Komárek also spoke:



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