Renate Reinsve: I want to swap actresses for carpentry

“It’s a journey,” said the sympathetic actress in recent months. “It’s really amazing, but also fun. I worked in the theater for many years, and you worked there on holidays, on weekends, at night. I don’t have much opportunity to travel. Now I can travel around the world and meet so many great people. I’m so glad it didn’t happen to me when I was 23, because now I can absorb it all and I know who I am and I know my values. It won’t go into my head anymore, but it’s still pretty amazing,” Reinsve said and would briefly go back to the times he really wanted to end.

Renate Reinve

Photo: Aerofilm

“I decided to finish it the day before Joachim called me. I started playing to explore human behavior, and I felt that a lot of the projects weren’t for me. They were full of two-dimensional characters who only served stories. I didn’t like them anymore,” he notes.

There is no doubt that Trier has completely changed his life, and he is grateful for that.

The Worst Man in the World, which was nominated for an Oscar for its original screenplay and best foreign film, will hit Czech theaters from March 17.

Renate Reinve

Photo: Aerofilm

In the film, Reinsve plays the lead role of Julie, a young woman who is sought after in life, career and relationships.

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