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Criticizing government aid cuts

When the government submitted a proposal for a revised national budget, it drew a lot of attention that it wanted to cut a lot of support for several UN organizations, including UNICEF and the United Nations Development Program (UNDP). Conservative

war – Russia’s UN summit falls in shame

Boris Bondarev, a diplomat with Russia’s UN delegation in Geneva, wrote in a letter that he was resigning. The reason is the war against Ukraine, reports Hillel Neuer, lead independent watchdog UN Watch, about Indonesia. Bondarev confirmed at 3 pm

“Sick Girl” at the Cannes Film Festival:

In the Cannes-current film “Sick Girl” by screenwriter and director Kristoffer Borgli, artist Cezinando appears. Dagbladet has seen the current Cannes feature film. After watching the film, it is possible to see clear similarities between parts of the film’s plot

Assumed death after glacier crack accident

A Japanese climber is believed to have died after falling into a crevice near Mount Hunter in Denali National Park in Alaska, an official from the park said. The 43-year-old climber who is now believed to have died, was said