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Kwasniewski at Berlusconi

Silvio Berlusconi, three-time Prime Minister of Italy, has died. He died on 12 June 2023 in Milan. In an interview with, Aleksander Kwaśniewski was asked about his first relationship with Berlusconi. Aleksander Kwasniewski admits that he is “a very colorful figure. If he has a goal, he pours it forward. He seduces the Italians, because they give him the opportunity to be prime minister three times, which is rare in recent history. Being the longest-serving prime minister after World War II, that means something. He persisted throughout the term, which was his political gift. His partner, however, was difficult. He was egocentric, looked down on himself and didn’t understand other people’s arguments.”

Kwasniewski admits that “Berlusconi created his own career. He is very talented in this, as a communications person, television, business and sports. He is very successful in many fields.”

Aleksander Kwasniewski recalls it with great interest visit to the estate of Silvio Berlusconi. “It was a big property, like Disneyland, where everything was there. He really welcomed us in a way that was completely unexpected. For example, there was a pizzeria where he prepared pizza for us. Then we went to the gelateria [lodziarnia – PAP]. He was smiling, happy, with a bandana on his head, because he had just had a hair transplant – he started serving us ice cream. Very colorful character, energetic and energetic. He immediately imposed the nature of the meeting.”

According to Aleksander Kwasniewski Berlusconi is more than a showman than politicians. “His biggest weakness in politics is a lack of knowledge and competence” – he emphasized.

Berlusconi likes Putin? asked Aleksander Kwaśniewski about the origins of his “warm” relationship with President Putin? “Berlusconi is fascinated by figures like Putin and such great power. I think his real dream was to have Putin-like power – uncontrollable, huge, with the ability to influence everything. On Putin’s part, it’s a bit more sophisticated. For him, it’s important to have favorites in the European Union, to have better people to work with you.” Berlusconi is a rich man, which Putin would have liked. nation, of course, translates into policies that are bad policies toward Russia, because Berlusconi’s stance undermines Western unity. He also displays selfless naivety. Because there are no clear economic ties. And Putin uses it in a very wise way,” answered K. wasniewski.

What did Berlusconi say about Poland? “He had a great attitude towards Poland. Every time we met he mentioned a beautiful blonde he had met and had a good time with. The first time we heard it, it was still acceptable. But when he repeated it a third or fifth time, it wasn’t very cool. At one point I even got irritated and told him to give me more information about this woman, we’ll find out so they can meet again. He categorically refused,” recalls Aleksander Kwaśniewski.


Is Aleksander Kwasniewski a good president?

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