About exports and interference

The history of our blue planet is also the history of trade. The facts are well captured and documented by science. Every civilizational group, tribe or nation experienced barter. Paper money first appeared on the territory of present-day China. Nothing is lost from trading. A country produces good and desirable products, and these become commodities at the time of sale. Every country can do something different. Therefore he has raw materials, smart people, and knows what the world needs. The store has improved. A perfect world of banks, loans, promissory notes, and mergers, re-exports, and transportation was created. Exporting is profitable both for the exporting country and for the country where the goods arrive. It looks like an idyll. Turns out it could be. But. The success of some countries in exports is not welcome. Why? When it works so far. A question that seems complicated. However, the common sense answer is more than simple.

Economic success, improvement in living standards and increase in prestige in the world are “thorns in the side”. The thorns on the side were completely traumatized. This does not happen out of inattention, but consciously and deliberately. There has been a trade war against China for several years. The European Union decided to bypass the thorn bush. His wise representatives and advisers wish it so. Millennial traditions are being broken. Very good. Nothing lasts forever. I can imagine that Europe has already bought, acquired, traded everything and doesn’t need much more. However, this state does not exist. Business is a two way street. Not a one way street. Many countries in the European Union are trying and listening. They want to go forward. To be praised. So they disengaged, so far peacefully, from trade with the People’s Republic of China. And here, the export suddenly turns into a nuisance. That is, “to interfere without reason in the life of a neighbor, in another country.” We provide suggestions. We also put our own opinions on sovereign states into containers of Czech goods. We forgot that there is a lot of Czech work in Škoda cars. We transform the human experience bringing businesses closer together. Are we afraid of rapprochement? Are we afraid of admiration? We dread the deeper reflections of the Czechs – why is it working in China and why are the Chinese at the forefront of the world economy? Where does China get its energy from?

These secrets become public information and known facts. The strategy was made by the communists. You bear responsibility. Practical development is in the hands of active state and private companies and enterprises. Two economies. Great productivity and work efficiency and organization. If we have interfered, criticized, let’s have a look and learn. The Chinese experience is a unique export item. It’s basically free. This model works and is viable in all sorts of variants and modifications.

The search for a functional economic model is a never-ending process. I think good news is on its way…


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