Dermatologist about healthy tanning. How long does it take to get a dose of vitamin D?

“You could say that if I’m a dark phototype, I have dark skin, brown eyes, when I’m out in the sun, I don’t burn immediately, so the relatively safe time in the sun is about a quarter of an hour,” the doctor estimates, adding that sunbathing is generally unhealthy.

A frequent counterargument to this view is getting vitamin D: “Maybe we do need it, that is, we need a physiological daily dose of vitamin D. But it is made by exposing areas of the face to sunlight for ten minutes a day. Therefore, there is no need to expose the body to ultraviolet radiation all day long for this.” Herzog responded.

And how can sunscreen protect us from sunburn, or worse, from skin cancer? “When I want to treat the skin on the entire surface of an adult’s skin, I need 30 grams, which is enough,” warned the doctor, said that often half of the package.

“The SPF level really depends on a person’s phototype, which everyone should know. This will be determined by a dermatologist. If we are in the Czech Republic and usually walk on the street, then an spf of 10-20 for the face is certainly enough for normal daily use. But it’s another case, if I’m going to play beach volleyball all day, then I really need to apply the highest protection factor,” supply.

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