“Economic separation from China would be catastrophic.” The US Treasury secretary will visit Beijing

US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen will visit China between July 6 and 9, where she will hold talks with top communist regime officials. The US Department of the Treasury informed about Yellen’s trip in a press release. The DPA agency reminded that the visit would take place at a time of tense relations between the two superpowers.

Yellen, who has described the idea of ​​economic separation from China as “disastrous”, said several times last year that she wanted to visit China. He said the US and China “can and should find ways to live together” despite their strained relationship due to geopolitics and economic development, write ABC server.

Yellen would like to discuss with the Chinese representative, among other things, how important it is for the world’s two largest economies to take a responsible approach in mutual relations, face global challenges together or communicate directly on topics of concern to them.

The dispute between the two countries concerns a number of areas, including trade, international politics, or respect for human rights in China.

In June, Antony Blinken became the first US Secretary of State to visit China in five years. US President Joe Biden shortly thereafter expressed confidence that US-China relations were on the right track. However, practically at the same time, he labeled his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping a dictator, which angered Beijing.

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