Endurance swimmers in Pilsen broke a world record, swimming for 14 days

The world record for American swimmers which is included in the Guinness Book of World Records was broken by a group of selected swimmers from the Jiří Řezáč swimming school. The swimmers managed to become the first and only in the world to swim 1,000 kilometers in a relay, which has never been done by other swimmers before. They took a record swim in Pilsen na Bory, in the SK Radbuza pool on Kozinova Street.

Swimmers are engaged in endurance swimming, they have now managed to create the longest relay swim in the world and thereby win a new world record. But that’s not the swimmer’s first record. Since 2008, swimmers from this swimming school have won 109 Czech records.

They added this new record to the two world records set in 2013 by Jiří Řezáč in individual swimming, another world record, this time in relay swimming.

The swimmers covered 1,000 kilometers in 13 days, 19 hours and 48 minutes. After swimming this far, the swimmers continued to swim farther and did not finish until Friday at 10:7 p.m. at 12 o’clock, that is, exactly 14 days since the start of the world’s longest swimming relay. In 14 days, the swimmers covered a distance of 1011 kilometers and 650 meters.

A total of 19 swimmers from Pilsen and Rokycan participated in setting the world record, mostly amateur swimmers: Rezáč Jiří, Tolar Kamil, Kotlan Adam, Müllerová Thea, Tolarová Kateřina, Hron David, Suchá Barbora, Valdman Dora, Humlová Adéla, Šašková Lenka, Liška Jan, Contreras Jan, Bělík Michal, Procházková Nikola, Vorschnaider Michal, Bělíková Marie, Kartýsková Michaela , Lizcová Anna and Bělík Milan.

photo: Jan Řezáč swimming school

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