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To see the video above. Kaoru Mitoma from Japan managed to get a last-gasp free kick, which sent the ball in front of goal.

There, Ao Tanaka scored the all-important 2-1, which ultimately ensured Japan and Spain progress from Group E, while Germany and Costa Rica were both eliminated.

Therefore, a centimeter or two, or maybe just a few millimeters, counts.

MAKES HEADLINES: This is the front page of The Times UK.

Photo: Screenshot: @_TomClarke

That’s right, says Kristoffer Løkberg at NRK’s ​​WC studio.

– As long as there is no air between the ball and the line, the whole ball does not come out. People can try it themselves at home. Try placing a round object over the line, and you’ll notice that from the side it looks like the ball is coming out, but from above there’s no air between the ball and the line, says Løkberg.

At the British ITV studios, Graeme Souness is much more uncertain. He asked for replays and a clearer picture of what really happened.

– Why doesn’t FIFA show us something that is very controversial, and which is very costly for Germany? Why don’t they show us? It’s huge. 45 minutes later, why didn’t they show us? Give us an explanation, scottish football profile rage.

An overview of the situation has gone around the world on social media. The British Times also printed it on the front page of its sports section with the title:

“Ball stays in… Germans fall back”.

This is how it ended up in Group E:

Germany was massacred by its own people

In a championship in which several major nations have stumbled, it was Germany who crashed out of the World Cup on Thursday night – hours after Belgium, number two in the FIFA rankings, also bowed out.

“What a shame! We’re out,” wrote major German newspaper Bild of Germany’s World Cup fiasco, and followed up with: “This is shameful.”

“Germany failed again”, wrote Der Spiegel.

“For the second time since 2018, the national team has indulged and created rumours in the group stage,” wrote Sportschau.

WCup Costa Rica Germany Football

COACH: Hansi Flick.

Photo: Matthias Schrader/AP

– As you can imagine, everyone is very disappointed, said Germany national team manager Hansi Flick at his post-match press conference.

There he was also asked about Spain’s match against Japan. Spain’s defeat was decisive for Germany’s exit, at the same time Spain are second in the group and considered to have an easier path forward in the World Cup.

– I don’t care about other teams. It’s all up to us. “If you look at the game, it’s our fault,” said Flick.

Not going to comment on the Spanish defeat

– We hope Spain will win win. But as we have seen in the World Cup, many things can happen, Germany’s Jamal Musiala tells NRK.

– Spain will probably have an easier path to the final now. Do you think they did their best to beat Japan?

– I do not know. I don’t think they went into that game thinking they were going to lose. I hope they will win that match, said Musiala.

Niclas Füllkrig, who scored Germany’s fourth, said he had hopes of promotion until the end of the Spain game.

– But I don’t know how the match will be. If Spain pressed on, or if they accepted it (the defeat), he said.


STRAIGHT OUT: The German players were distraught after being knocked out.


– Spain will probably have an easier path ahead. Do you think they did their best to win the game?

– No comment. No comment, replied the German forward.

Spain will face Morocco in the last 16, while group winners Japan will face Croatia. This result also means that Spain will probably avoid Brazil in the quarter-finals.

In the NRK studio after the match, it was discussed whether Spain had managed to take second place in the group.

– I’m pretty sure they are very happy with it. It was a tense moment as Costa Rica, but the more Germany took the lead, the more they thought, if we just control, we might score one lucky one. Otherwise, we are quite content to lose and finish second, says NRK football pundit Kristoffer Løkberg.

At one point it looked like Germany and Spain would be eliminated, but after substitute Kai Havertz turned the tables for Germany, Spain progressed as group runners-up.

The former coach of the Norwegian national team, Åge Hareide, barely understood what was going on from his position in the comment box.

– You are a great miracle. What happened to the big countries in football? My lord my hat, that’s how it is, said Hareide, commenting on the match between Spain and Japan, during what was a very dramatic second half.

– It’s causing a shockwave. If Germany withdraws from the World Cup. Mr Flick, it will be difficult to be national coach, said Hareide.

– There is a German team with very big weaknesses, in my opinion, in this world championship. Surprisingly big weakness, said NRK expert commentator Nils Johan Semb towards the end of Germany’s match.

Viaplay commentator Eivind Bisgaard Sundet has been following German football closely for several years.

– The golden generation with Manuel Neuer onwards may be over. I predict many stones will be turned over in German football going forward, he wrote in a message to NRK.

Also smoking in 2018

Eight years ago, it was Germany who emerged victorious at the World Cup. However as defending champions there was a downturn in 2018, where they were knocked out of the group stage after losses to South Korea and Mexico.

This year’s WC started badly for Germany. Indeed, they dominated most of the match against Japan, but two counter-attack goals saw them lose 1–2.

Against Spain, they managed to salvage a draw, after substitute Niclas Füllkrug equalized with his first national team goal.

Prior to the final group stage, they need a win against Costa Rica, but they also need help from Spain in their game against Japan.

Have a dream start

And after ten minutes, everything looked as planned for the Germans. After several good chances, Serge Gnabry headed Germany into the lead. And almost at the same time, Álvaro Morata scored for Spain against Japan.

That was also the score in the first half, but during the first quarter of the second half things turned upside down. Ritsu Doan and Ao Tanaka made it 0–1 to 2–1 for Japan in their game against Spain with two goals in three minutes. And minutes later, as news of the second leg score reached the stands in the match between Costa Rica and Germany, Costa Rica equalized.

– I was actually a little surprised at how weak they were in the second half, said expert NRK commentator Nils Johan Semb, before Yeltsin Tejeda battled for an equaliser.

It was thus a real setback for Germany, and made even steeper when Juan Pablo Vargas sent Costa Rica ahead after 70 minutes.

– Completely crazy, said Hareide about the development.

However, Germany responded quickly and Kai Havertz equalized three minutes later. The same man sent Germany back into the lead in stoppage time. Niclas Füllkrug ensured that Germany eventually won 4–2.

However, the victory was not enough as Japan won against Spain, thus Germany was eliminated.

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