– I’m going to beat Jakob

BISLETT STADION (Dagbladet): If not, it’s time to write down the name Magnus Tuv Myhre.

The 23-year-old’s development has been extraordinary: In the 5000 meters, he has pushed his own personal record from 15.02 in 2019 to 13.56 in 2020, 13.38 in 2021, 13.27 in 2022 and to at least 13.09 in This.

The jump is huge. The growth of Norwegian athletics behind brothers Ingebrigtsen and Karsten Warholm is booming.

Where Narve Gilje Nordås (24) continues to face Olympic champion Jakob Ingebrigtsen (22) in the 1500 meters, Tuv Myhre aims to battle Sandnes’ incredible running miracle in the 5000 meters.

During the Bislett Game, the 23-year-old made a big impression when he turned the best of Norway and beat, among others, frontrunner Henrik Ingebrigtsen by nine seconds.

Gonna beat Jakob in two years time

– Do you think it will be possible to beat even Jakob in the end?

– Yes. He is invincible. But I have to take it one year at a time. Jakob is the world’s best 5000 and 1500 meter runner. Not just, just beat him up. I have to take one year at a time, Magnus Tuv Myhre told Dagbladet.

PROMISE: Magnus Tuv Myhre. Photo: Terje Pedersen/NTB
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– How many years will it take you to beat Jakob?

– It’s unlikely to happen next year, but let’s say in two years. Then I will be near him. Everyone has a goal to be the best in the world. I have that too. And then I have to beat Jakob. It’s great to join them in training and see where the level is. I see I’m getting closer. “Maybe to improve myself more than Jakob, so I can at least minimize the gap,” said the 23-year-old.

– You have a goal of being the best in the world?

– Yes. I just have to work on it. Suddenly loosened. I have to keep hoping.

Henrik Ingebrigtsen appreciated his ambition, but gave the talent little opportunity to punish his younger brother.

– I like the mentality. But if he gets 20 seconds better….. he still doesn’t have a chance, Henrik Ingebrigtsen told Dagbladet.

Jakob Ingebrigtsen and Karsten Warholm set fire to the Bislett stadium. Reporter: Øyvind Godø. Video: Kristoffer Løkås and NRK
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Already at the top of Europe

Magnus Tuv Myhre improved his own time by more than ten seconds in a sea of ​​people at Bislett Stadium last week. He is now number three in Norway all-time, and it may only be a matter of time before he meets WC 13.07 requirements.

– I ran 18 seconds faster this year compared to last year. “Next year I will get less than 13 minutes at 5000. Then I will see how far I can get under in the end,” Myhre told Dagbladet.

– Under 13 minutes at 5000 – then do you really start eating cherries with the big ones?

– Very. It’s a few meters to the top, but in a few years it should be possible to get there.

Jakob Ingebrigtsen seen running in Oslo at night. Video: Løkås/Godø
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– And from an EC perspective, are you there yet?

– Yes of course. Not many in Europe that are good for under 13 vac. I hope to fight for an EC medal next year. It’s clear Jakob will be hard to beat next year, but fighting for a medal behind him should be doable.

Sensational development

– What’s behind your big progress this season?

– I was rarely sick or injured this winter. It’s been a clean winter with lots of great sessions. It has been selected session by session, and you can see how it progresses over time. Then you gain confidence that you are on the right path, says the 23-year-old.

Henrik Ingebrigtsen interrupts Jakob’s interview. Reporter: Øyvind Godø. Video: Kristoffer Løkås
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– Jakob has shown that Norwegians can be the best in the world. Surely that has something to do with your optimism and confidence that comes with it?

– Yes of course. Growing up, I thought running was for Africans. Jacob had denied it. If you work hard, anything is possible.

Magnus Tuv Myhre won a place in the 5000 meters event during the Diamond League athletics meet in Lausanne on June 30.

The brothers gaped: - Excellent

The brothers gaped: – Excellent

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