Interference in elections in Poland? PiS submitted the draft resolution to the Sejm

PEE presented a draft resolution to the Sejm, in which the rulers emphasized that “as of 2015, the government of the Republic of Poland is elected by democratic elections and a parliamentary majority which is its political basis, […] subjected to constant attacks from the dominant group in the EU political scene.

It stated that “German politicians played a key role in these actions.” The draft resolution recalls that “recently this was expressed in a statement by Manfred Weber – head of the largest political family in the EU forum – the European People’s Party, who publicly stated that his group is building «firewall against PiS» and it “Jis the only force that can replace PiS in Poland, bringing this country back to Europe». He also declared opposition to political parties operating legally in Poland.

Interference in elections in Poland? PiS submitted its draft to the Sejm

The draft resolution reminds that based on Art. 4 sec. 1 The Constitution of the Republic of Poland “The supreme authority in the Republic of Poland belongs to the Nation”, and the political concept of the Polish Nation “includes the citizens of the Republic of Poland – them and only them”.

“Therefore, only those who are authorized to form the supreme authority of the Republic, including the Sejm. They and only they determine the political color of the parliamentary majority elected in democratic elections, which in turn designate a government according to the wishes of the citizens of the Republic of Poland expressed in those elections and that of no one else. It is emphasized that the opposition exists in every democracy. “The declaration to eradicate it, instead of treating it as a political competitor, is a feature of the totalitarian system” – he wrote.

This highly anti-German project also points out that “politicians in a country whose democratic system only emerged as a condition of peace negotiations after World War I, and which was later established by the Allies as a result of Germany’s defeat in World War II, relinquished by it, have no mandate to lecture others on democracy.

It stressed that “the Republic of Poland regards foreign interference in the Polish election process as an act hostile to the Polish state and will resolutely fight it.” – Anna Jowsa

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