Kaczyski in his letter to the “GP” Club touched on German politicians: We are worried on many levels | Rule

The head of the Law and Justice Party, speaking of worrying signals from Berlin and Brussels, in his opinion, stressed that “it is necessary to oppose this, and this means the need for PiS to remain in power”. Kaczyński wrote to “Gazeta Polska” sympathizers gathered in Spała that “otherwise the white-flagged party will be victorious.”

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Müller: The prime minister was not present at the convention because it was a political party convention and the president was present

Kaczyński: Poland’s security is at stake

In his letter, the deputy prime minister for security raised the topic of the war in Ukraine, namely “between freedom and despotism”. “At stake is not only the independence of Ukraine, but also the independence and security of our homeland, as well as the current world order, which, with its magnitude of imperfection, is based on the pursuit of peace, cooperation and development,” he added.

Jarosaw Kaczyski stressed that this war cannot end with the defeat of Ukraine. He also stressed that the Polish army should be rearmed and the economy should be developed.

Morawiecki at Club Congress “GP”: Poland is in danger of losing its sovereignty

Mateusz Morawiecki went to Spała to attend the 17th Congress of the Club “Gazeta Polska”. On Friday, the head of the Polish government said, among other things, about the war in Ukraine. – Today we meet in the shadow of a completely new situation, when the world is holding its breath, because Putin and the Kremlin authorities have come to the conclusion that it is necessary to bring about a turning point. They came to this conclusion because they realized that they were missing the technical, technological, economic and industrial race. Putin created the ideology of Ruthenia mir, which draws on two Soviet-Russian traditions, the prime minister said.

The prime minister also stated that Poland is now in danger of losing its sovereignty in three ways. The war in Ukraine and Putin is one of them, the other is “the loss of economic sovereignty by a major economic crisis, which can cause economic disruptions that we do not know about.”

The third way is when we lose the Pilkada in October next year. If that happens, then you will see what it means for our political opponents to completely lose their sovereignty. This is a worrying and bad scenario for Poland

– said Mateusz Morawiecki.

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