Maksymilian Maszenda Hosting political salon Trójka

Maximilian Maszenda since spring occasionally hosts several editions of the Salon, now permanently join the lead team.

In the past few days, he’s been holding an interview with the Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki or the plenipotentiary government for Polish-Ukrainian development cooperation, Jadwiga Emilewicz. The journalist (works at Telewizja Polska on a daily basis) has been associated with the trio since December 2022, when he made his debut on this broadcast as the host of the “Comments of the Day Trójkowy” interview series.

Maksymilian Maszenda speaks with Jadwiga Emilewicz Fot. Polish Radio/Screenshot

“Trójka Political Salon” is a journalistic program organized talk to politicians about current events in Polish and world politics. It airs Monday to Friday at 8:45 a.m. He is the main guide Beata Michniewiczsupport him Bartolomeus Graczak; in September 2022, Karol Gnat also joined.

Maksymilian Maszenda in “Panorama” and “Wiadomości”

In the editorial office of “Wiadomości” TVP Maksymilian Maszenda working since mid 2018, preparing material for the major release. He dealt mainly with political topics, he reported on important events from abroad.

Previously, he worked for Panorama for 12 years. He has also collaborated on several TVP Info programs. Prior to working at Polish Television He is associated with the journal “Life”.

According to the latest Radio Track study by Kantar Polska, in April-June 2023, Three owns 2 percent. audience share. At the end of June, Radio Poland’s Third Program introduced several broadcast schedule changes without prior announcement. It turns out that among other things a new afternoon band for the driver, but the journalistic broadcast “Club Trójka” has disappeared.

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