Marianne (15) died:- Spreader of joy

Two teenage girls died after an accident in Steinkjer last Thursday. 16-year-old Carmen Otnæs-Helmersen and 15-year-old Marianne Setten died in the crash.

After consulting with the families, the police chose to publish the names of the girls.

The family has granted Dagbladet permission to use Setten’s photo.

– Our beloved, beautiful, smart and extraordinary spreader of joy and sunshine left us suddenly. We miss him so much and don’t understand how we could live without him.

This is what the parents of 15 years, Olga and Jan Oddvar Setten, wrote in a press release, according to Trøndera newspaper.

– He will always be with us in our thoughts, forever 15 years, they wrote further.

– The world’s best princess

Carmen Otnæs-Helmersen’s family has also made statements on social media.

REMEMBER: Carmen Otnæs-Helmersen’s family remembered her in a post on social media. Private photo
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– The world’s best daughter, with the biggest heart, Carmen Otnæs-Helmersen, passed away from us now. He was involved in a horrific traffic accident in Steinkjer on Thursday. He is fighting the battle of his life in St. Olav was in the last few days, but his life could not be saved, the post said.

Dagbladet published the names and pictures in consultation with Otnæs-Helmersen’s closest relatives.

Under investigation

A total of three people were involved in an accident between a car and a moped in Sør-Beitstad in the municipality of Steinkjer.

Both deceased lived in Steinkjer.

The traffic accident is under investigation. A technical investigation has been carried out by the police crime technician and accident team at the National Road Administration.

It is too early to say anything at this time as to what might have caused the crash, but police are prioritizing the case and an investigation will hopefully reveal what caused the traffic accident, said the press release.

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