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MEDICA SEVER sro is a non-state medical facility that provides occupational medicine services and medical and preventive care. He has been training for 28 years at his operations, which are located almost throughout the Czech Republic.

What does the occupational health service actually cover? “Every job affects the health of employees in some way. It doesn’t matter if it is an operator or an executive. Everything has its own. Our job is to recognize their specific situation, propose possible solutions to the problem and provide further assistance. We ourselves often do not realize how many situations , for example job position, environment, commitment or team, that affect our health at work.” said Bc. Oľga BandováCEO of MEDICA SEVER.

In medical and preventive care, the company focuses on protecting the health of the wider community. “What we mean is early detection and detection of civilizational diseases, which are assisted by medical devices such as EMG, EKG, spirometer, plethysmograph and audiometer. It is possible to register in our operations almost throughout the Czech Republic,” added the manager.

On the Web site is an overview of the available operations.

The outcome of preventive care is also patient education regarding possible lifestyle changes. These changes then lead to improvement of the patient’s overall condition and prevention of further disease progression.

“Each of you can get advice in our office on what else you can do, what your body is still good for. We are happy to register you or introduce our services. Your Health, Our Concern” concludes Oľga Bandová.

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