Mularczyk’s regret: Germany doesn’t want to talk about reparations for Poland. – Very Express

– What is happening now in Ukraine also happened in Poland 80 years ago. During World War II, Germany committed nearly the same war crimes in Poland. I emphasize how great the material and human losses Poland suffered. I emphasize that the Germans killed more than 5.2 million Polish citizens. I emphasize that the Germans looted 200,000 Polish children for Germanization. And I also emphasize that Poland, although it has the right to reparations and war reparations, has never received them, neither after the Potsdam Agreement nor after the 2+4 Agreement, Mularczyk told journalists in his speech during a meeting of the European Union Foreign Affairs Council. Arkadiusz Mularczyk, deputy head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs emphasized that the Polish-German issue is a sure sign for Russia.

– I emphasized that Germany avoids dialogue and does not want to talk about reparations and war reparations for Poland, and I pointed out that this issue is very important from the point of view of international law. According to the general principles adopted in the civilized world, war crimes will not expire, crimes against humanity will not expire and they can be tried even if years have passed – added Mularczyk. – Because if Russia sees that Germany does not want to pay war reparations for a country that has suffered from World War II, that is also a signpost for Russia. There is no reception for such an attitude. I appeal to the EU Foreign Affairs Council and all foreign ministers to create a mechanism in the European Union itself, the aim of which is to create a platform for dialogue between countries affected by this historic conflict to seek justice after World War II, said Mularczyk. He also expressed hope that this issue would be subject to further consultations at the Council of the European Union in the future.

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