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Vatican – On April 4, Pope Francis addressed his compatriots, the church and the world community with a message about the need for “personal health care”. His experiences in the countries he has visited since 2013 have inspired him to invite Christians of various professions, not only doctors and health professionals, to create a dynamic network of personal medical care for those who do not reach it in their countries. “Let us pray for personal health care this month,” the pope said.

“The pandemic,” František said, “shows us the dedication and generosity of the personal health care of volunteers, health workers, priests, monks and nuns. The pandemic also highlights the fact that not everyone has access to a good healthcare system. The poorest and most vulnerable countries do not have access to the care necessary to treat all the diseases that afflict them. That is why I would like to ask the governments of all countries of the world not to forget that good health care, accessible to all, is a priority. I therefore also want to remind you that healthcare is not just an organization, but includes men and women who have dedicated their lives to caring for others and who have given their lives to help and heal all sick people during this pandemic. Therefore, we pray for the commitment of medical staff who help all the sick, the elderly and especially the poorest countries.”

The Pope thus follows in the footsteps of the Church’s traditional belief that Christ himself appears in a sick and poor person. While health care is available to most citizens in the Czech Republic, each of us can also contribute to what the pope calls “personal health care”.

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