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When Warta Poznań was promoted to Televisilasa before the 20/21 season, almost everyone predicted him as a relegation candidate. However, the “Greens” were taken by surprise, finishing the game in a very high 5th place. A year later, the team was ranked 11th, and the team led by Dawid Szulczek ended the season ranked 8th.

Each of these results is considered a result above the state, taking into account the budget in the first place – 2 times lower than Miedź Legnica, who were by far the weakest team in the previous season, and also 4 times smaller than Śląsk Wrocław, who barely survived relegation.

Has anything changed?

During their 3 seasons in the Eksporlasa, the Warts players have played their games outside of Poznań. Has anything changed now? A little. The budget will still be one of the lowest and Warta will continue to play at Grodzisk Wielkopolski.

Still, but this is good news for the fans, the team will be led by Dawid Szulczek. The 33-year-old coach cannot count on the players he wants to bring to the club. Working in comfortable conditions is also a somewhat alien concept for this trainer. Despite everything, however, he did well and that’s why today nothing put his team on the path of a candidate for relegation. Of course the question arises how long this trolley can be towed under the existing conditions. However, those who observe Warta from afar ask this question more often.

They’re looking for an attacker

Not much has changed at Warta in recent years – not even this season. Also from a personnel standpoint. Every transfer window, when it comes to staff, the rotation is almost cosmetic and it’s no different now. Of course, Warta fans will miss the old captain, Bartosz Kielib, but in fact, in 3 seasons this player only played 20 matches in the Extractlasa. Much more painful was the loss of Robert Ivanov. Finland has held firm to the defense of the Poznań team in recent years.

For a long time, Warta was looking for a striker – someone who would back Adam Zrelak. Dario Vizinger, a 25-year-old Croat who has won his country’s and Slovenia’s championships, has been found. Prior to that, he played, though not much last season, in Austria’s top league, and once – in the Europa League – he competed with Tottenham and Feyenoord Rotterdam.

It should not be underestimated

Everyone in the Eksklasa knows very well that Warta cannot be taken lightly. However, the question arose as to what the team from Poznań would like to play for in the upcoming season. It seems his priority remains to be among the best to more clearly adapt to the role of a solid league average player.

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It’s hard to imagine a situation where Warta suddenly starts dreaming, for example a European cup. The average place of the last three seasons is definitely towards the middle of the table, and if we manage to snatch such a place, coach Szulczek will emphasize his brand more clearly and give himself a better chance to work in more spectacular places.

Do you know that…

  • Warta Poznań started the fourth season of the Eksporlasa in a row. The last time such a case was before … World War II, and in 1948-50 the team from Poznań played 3 seasons at the highest level and in the 90s of the previous century was promoted to elite for 2 seasons
  • Warta Poznań will enter the 2023/24 season with a new crest. The new crest is the symbol of a dynamic and modern club. The combination of the new sign with the original form of the historical symbol results in its proper application in modern media. The team working on the creation of the new crest consisted of experienced graphic designers who thoroughly analyzed the club’s history and values.

In the photo: Is another season over the state ahead of the News?

Photo. Pawel Jaskółka/PressFocus

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