Russia should be kicked out of international sports

SPORT live in their own world. Long after Russia moved to Ukraine, today’s news in the Russian sports media is about what is happening now with good Ukrainian football:

Due to the state of emergency, the Ukrainian football championship has been postponed, report biggest sports website this morning, and reminded that Shakhtar Donetsk lead the elite series in Ukraine with 47 points, ahead of Dynamo Kyev with 45 points and Dnieper-1 with 40. All after 18 games.

This Russian sports website no say, is that there will hardly be more league games for a long time.

Since an unknown number of Russian troops crossed the Ukrainian border, it caught fire on the outskirts of Kyev after the Russian bombardment and this part of Europe caught fire.

However, a few minutes later, came news on that there might also be looting with the 19th series round in Russia top football because airports in several Russian cities such as Sochi, Krasnodar and Rostov-on-Don were closed.

Maybe because the Russian bombers have a better space to do it bad job in Europe’s most dangerous war in 80 years.

And then it’s time to throw Russia straight into the world of sports too.

LOSS OF PATIENCE: Putin loses patience with Russia’s intelligence chief Sergei Naryshkin during a security meeting in the Kremlin. Videos: AP. Host: Julie Tran.
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THAT In the last decade, Putin’s increasingly authoritarian regime has systematically used sport to promote fearsome nationalist policies. It is impossible to interpret the decision high in the Russian government to cheat before and during the Sochi Olympics.

All medals at home at the 2014 Winter Olympics are meant to reinforce national feelings. And Putin’s grip on Russia.

In pure sporting terms, it ended in a major power scandal and lost so many medals that Norway was left out as the winner of the Winter Olympics. But that’s the point today.

What is serious is how aggressive Russia is using sport to advance its nationalist interests.

And international sport must respond.

Get an overview: This has happened today

ABOUT You read the Russian sports press, you will see it simply no is one-sided on such issues. There is an exchange of opinion about Russia’s own deception, but in some media the tone is inflamed and dark.

Here, this tone has drowned out what most Russians would dare say about war. And now Putin’s actions have caused darkness to descend upon Europe.

Norway fights with IOC

Norway fights with IOC

WINTER olympics in China is a warning of that. First with Vladimir Putin in the stands during the opening ceremony with Chinese President Xi Jinping; perhaps just hours after the two incumbent heads of state coordinated when an attack on Ukraine was about to take place.

Then during the match with the nitrous doping scandal around 15-year-old Kamila Valieva, where Russia’s response to criticism became more and more a spell that was once again snuffed out by foreigners to take it.

In this way, the Putin regime rebuilt the military offensive associated with the Olympics. It happened in August 2008 just before the Summer Olympics in Beijing, in February 2014 during the Sochi Olympics, and now as an extension of all the nationalist gossip that often accompanies Russia’s star sport.

Escape from Putin!

Escape from Putin!

THIS is the backdrop for international sporting leaders as they now respond to Russia’s war in Europe. To answer, they must.

Tonight is the Champions League final this spring move from St. Petersburg. In the next few weeks, there will be biathlon world cups in Finland and Estonia; two countries with fond memories of the Russian war. Meanwhile cross-country skiing, jumping and combined skiing have all been rounded up at Finnish Lathi this weekend.

Russian practitioners are registered everywhere, but this is no longer possible:

  • It made no sense to play with a Russian sports star just a few dozen miles from the war.

Both the International Biathlon Federation (FIS) and the International Biathlon Federation (IBU) should immediately ban all Russian practitioners of this competition to stand out as a warlike nationalist sport.

SINCE IOC President Thomas Bach already has modified page, it would be much easier to achieve. Bach has played behind the scenes for Putin for years. Now he suddenly realized that it was not working.

It’s not an honorable team change, as there isn’t much fuss associated with Norwegian sporting leaders lately uncritically pursuing IOC president Bach.

But for international federations, new opportunities are opening up for tough sanctions against Putin’s cynical regime. That is why this opportunity is being discussed among FIS leaders and MOM now. Soon, the FIS will refuse all competition in Russia.

Scandal continues

Scandal continues

INTERNATIONAL Sports leaders may struggle to find rules that cover such outright exceptions. Sport is meant to be otherwise.

Tonight is Russia’s game in the European basketball series stop. The reason was mentioned for being afraid of flying near a war zone.

The fear is understandable. But if sports leaders outside Russia do not dare to stand up for civilized and democratic values, then sport itself will also lose its value. Then the dark Russian nationalist tone has won for good.

AT THE RESPONSIBILITY from the terrible story of the battlefield, is a soccer star Fedor Smolov hence the bravest Russians in these gloomy times.

32-year-old Smolov is a former national team player. He made a comeback for Dynamo Moscow after changing from city rivals Lokomotiv.

It’s a disturbing change in turbulent Russian club football. But he has maintained his personal dignity:

No war, posted Fedor on his Instagram account this morning on a black background with the Ukrainian flag and a broken heart.

This is not what is usually on the Instagram accounts of football stars. Rather it’s a picture of a new Italian sports car or a smash at a fat party.

But now war.

Fedor Smolov lives in the center of the Russian capital, where this war day is only reported for a while one the only peace activist with a poster with the same message.

He was immediately taken away by the police. In recent times, many brave men have returned to the streets. It is now reported that more than 1,600 Russians have been arrested for keeping the peace in five cities.

- Very scary

– Very scary

TONIGHT we also see more what this war will develop. The government of the people in Ukraine that must be destroyed. If Ukraine continues to be a Russian quagmire this year, the world of sports gaming could once again be put to good use.

But here the offense is so bad that action is needed now.

Remove Russia from all international sports.

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