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In the NM Underwater Photography class, photographers compete to take the best wide-angle photo with a diver. There are lots of great photos in this class – these are all from Kvitsøy.

The jury had no doubts about the winning image. Photo: Ole Christian Meldahl

In the NM Underwater Photography class, photographers compete to take the best wide-angle photo with a diver. There are lots of great photos in this class – these are all from Kvitsøy.

Sept. 5, 2023


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Like last year, the class A wide angle with divers was won by Ole Christian Meldahl from Kvitsøy Dykkerklubb, with Laia Meldahl as assistant.

The interaction between the photographer and the model is very important, and this is especially true in this class. These images are the result of teamwork.

Here are the photos in class A:

Ole Christian Meldahl

1st place in class A. Photo: Ole Christian Meldahl, Leia Meldahl’s assistant

Jury comments: Good use of light, both natural and artificial. Nice proximity. Got a warm feeling from the whole picture. Want it if all the hair is in the picture, and a little bit of bubbles. Would see jellyfish better if there was more space around them. It’s really interesting, because the picture is very good.

Anne Mari With Ottesen

2nd place in class A. Photo: Anne Mari with Ottesen, assistant to Justine Siegwald

Sirava League

3rd place in Class A. Photo: Liga Sirava, assistant to David Gonzalez

Morten S. Haakonsen

4th place in class A. Photo: Morten S. Haakonsen, assistant to Grzegorz Marsicki

Kim André Sund

5th place in class A. Photo: Kim André Sund, assistant to Kolbjørn Fikse

Heine Jensen

6th place Class A. Photo: Heine Jensen, assistant to Tine Kinn Kvamme

Mikel Stoke

7th place in class A. Photo: Mikkel Stokke, assistant to Tomine Vikse


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Christopher Andersen

8th place in class A. Photo: Christopher Andersen, assistant to John Sverre Øen

David Gutteridge

9th place in class A. Photo: David Gutteridge, assistant to Odd Magne Sviland

Ripped Vidar Knutsmoen

10th class A winner. Photo: Tore Vidar Knutsmoen, assistant to Hans Dahle

David Gonzalez

11th class A champion. Photo: David Gonzalez, Liga Sirava assistant

Grzegorz Marsicki

12th class A winner. Photo: Grzegorz Marsicki, assistant to Morten S. Haakonsen

Annika people

13th place in class A. Photo: Annika Persson, assistant to Nuenghatai Eiklid

John Sverre Island

14th class A champion. Photo: John Sverre Øen, assistant to Christopher Andersen

Jørn Svabø Knusen

15th place in class A. Photo: Jørn Svabø Knudsen, Anders Folkestad assistant

Photographers are not allowed to edit or crop images after the dive is complete. The photos are shown when they are handed over to the jury.

Class A is sponsored by Safenorwhile prizes for those who reach the podium are sponsored by hotel chains Strawberry. The overall winner receives a gift card for hotel accommodation with breakfast.

Class A results list
1 Ole Christian Meldahl, Kvitsøy DK
2 Anne Mari With Ottesen, Slettaa DK
3 Sirava League, TSI-SUT
4 Morten S. Haakonsen, Holmestrand DK
5 Kim André Sund, Giske Dive Club
6 Heine Jensen, Hemne Dive Club
7 Mikkel Stokke, OSI Diving
8 Christopher Andersen, Halden SD
9 David Gutteridge, Stavanger DK
10 Tore Vidar Knutsmoen, Drøbak UVK
11 David Gonzalez, TSI-SUT
12 Grzegorz Marsicki, Askøy SDK
13 Annika Persson, Drøbak UVK
14 John Sverre Øen, Korssund DK
15 Jørn Svabø Knudsen, Bergen DK

Read all about NM in UV photos

At NM photographers compete in five classes: Wide angle with and without divers, macro, fish and this year’s theme is “You’re Not a Fish”.

The NM in UV photography 2023 was organized by Kvitsøy Dykkerklubb and the Norwegian Diving Association. The jury consisted of Tove Petterson, Jonatan Ottesen and Petter Schmedling.

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