Southern Norway will be a weather loser

– It will also rain a little today, Meteorologist in charge of the Meteorological Institute, Ingvild Villa, told Dagbladet.

On Tuesday June 20, meteorologists reported that the probability of hot weather was “much higher than normal”. The heat persists for most of the country, but the sun is taking a brief hiatus.

Declare a Norwegian heatwave

Southern Norway lost

The cloudy weather of the past few days will probably peak on Wednesday, according to Villa.

– The southwestern front will move through most of southern Norway through Wednesday. Especially in the Oslo area and a little further inland, there may be some rainfall, he said, adding:

– Both in terms of the risk of forest fires and farmers.

Hope is still not completely lost for the sun-drenched east. The East Norwegian inside in particular seems to have the best cards.

– Inner Eastern Norway may have somewhat better days than the rest of southern Norway with less rainfall.

MISSING: TV viewers were treated to something completely unexpected during the weather forecast in Spokane, Washington on Sunday, October 17. Photo: Twitter/KREM
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Just the weather for the weekend

The front will most likely pass tomorrow, Thursday 22 June, and then move up towards northern Norway. Then the country will be able to experience lower temperatures.

– Southern Norway will have warmer temperatures, and will become even drier, while temperatures may drop to 12-13 degrees in Nordland. For now, Finnmark’s weather looks good, he stressed.

Not sure if sunscreen can still be used? It depends on several things. Video: Embla Hjort-Larsen / Mia Engenes Bratlie / Story Block.
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– Very promising

If you assume that everyone wants the sun, its path should be set towards the center of the country, according to meteorologists. Specifically, Trøndelag.

– Trøndelag looks very promising. It can be over 22 degrees here all Wednesday.

– The region will still experience rainfall tonight and tomorrow. For now, Wednesday is the happiest day, but there are reasons to believe it will get better in the future, he concluded.

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