The BBC has suspended regular broadcasts due to the Queen’s health, editors wear black

Live: Footage from Balmoral Castle, Buckingham Palace and WindsorVideo: Reuters/AP

Queen Elizabeth II. he canceled a program scheduled for Thursday and is being monitored by doctors, Buckingham Palace said earlier. According to the statement, doctors were concerned about his health. Later, most of her immediate family members came to see the Queen, including her son Prince Charles and her three other children. In addition to Queen’s grandson Prince William, Prince Harry’s grandson also headed to the venue. He lives in the US with his wife Meghan, but the couple is visiting Europe at the moment. His wife was supposed to accompany him to Balmoral, but he ended up staying in London, reports the PA.

Buckingham Palace had no further information regarding Elizabeth II’s health. does not provide. “The Queen remains comfortable at Balmoral,” her spokesperson said. If the Queen’s health deteriorates, they will pass the information on to BBC British public television.

Behind Queen Elizabeth II. his family arrived


Following the announcement of the Queen’s health, BBC1 suspended a planned broadcast. “Welcome to BBC 1. We have received reports from Buckingham Palace that the Queen is under medical observation at Balmoral,” the broadcaster announced as the show halted. Other TV channels, such as ITV or Channel 4, do not upgrade their broadcasts. Instead of programming on BBC1, there is now live coverage from Balmoral Castle, where the Queen has been staying for the past few weeks.

Viewers quickly noticed that most presenters and editors were dressed in black, including sign language interpreters. According to some, it was part of protocol, or even a reaction to the queen’s serious health complications. However, this is only speculation and no information has been provided by Buckingham Palace.

Behind Elizabeth II. Harry also rushed over. Ended up being without Meghan and arriving too late


The health condition of the British king has repeatedly raised public concern in the past year. Since last fall, he has been having problems with his mobility, since then he has been using a cane to walk. In June, he skipped services at St Paul’s Cathedral to mark the platinum anniversary of his reign. Buckingham Palace cited “uncomfortability” from the previous day as the reason.

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